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Top Oldies

CLA Title & Escrow
Big John K: I've done 2 jobs for them. Both times it went well.
about 8 days ago.

Nationwide Signing Services, LLC
20877: I just received a check from them for a closing done on 3/11/2020. Today is 8/7/2020. That is 5 months, totally unacceptable. Previously I ...
about 1 month ago.

Professional mobile notary services, LLC - Florida
Lee-AR: Contact Title Co. & advise non-payment. They MAY get on her back as mostly they do not like working with non-payers as it does reflect on ...
about 3 months ago.

The Notary Cloud
Lee-AR: On post below, I said I wouldn't work with them again, but did because they said they were all caught up from the 'transition' and pay ...
about 4 months ago.

Coast2Coast Signings
mariabakies: Recently moved to CA where she has a ton of work here in Orange County. I was told pay day was every Friday 30 days out. Well the first 2 ...
about 5 months ago.

World Class Abstract
Tomiegirl: Yes there a good company and pay well. Maryanne cavanaugh
about 5 months ago.

How has Covid-19 affected your business
Lee-AR: Didn't mean to make light of the situation as it IS very serious. Far worse in some areas than others...and that can change nearly ...
about 5 months ago.

How will Coronavirus affect Notaries?
Lee-AR: Maybe they're just trying to thwart facial recognition software. If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
about 7 months ago.

New Posts

What types of packages are there?
Lee-AR: Ah, now that IS helpful! You, alone, have the ability to analyze what info produces the most interest by hiring parties. Thank you for ...
about 5 days ago.

Carmen passed away about 10 days ago
Angela V: So sorry to hear about Carmen! I did have the opportunity to speak with her and she was great. A good salesperson too! Angela V
about 11 days ago.

How long will business be booming?
Lee-AR: Until they raise interest rates...which have been very low for a very long time. If you don't value your time and experience, nobody ...
about 12 days ago.

Carmen's student and what she told me today
Lee-AR: It works...as long as you say it boldly. I say '$150. If that works for you, send the order & consider it done.' If they attempt to ...
about 25 days ago.

She became a RON, but didn't like it
Lee-AR: Not too far-fetched...we can often be found in cyberspace looking for the link to documents we need for a job. If you don't value your ...
about 1 month ago.

California Notaries win again!
jbelmont: Here is another link on the topic that includes the California ABC test. The problem is that signing companies do perform signings as the ...
about 1 month ago.

The Neighborly Legal Issue
Lee-AR: Wow! What's in a name, huh? Another 'scare story' from long ago... A notary had found/copied a picture of a pen online & used it on her ...
about 1 month ago.

Jeremy's 51st birthday
jbelmont: I think that next week I will have time to wander around downtown to get lamb pie. I typically do my downtown wandering once a month or so. ...
about 1 month ago.

Recent Posts

Tier 1 Title complaint
Lee-AR: I, too, had several major issues with this outfit. It was an Application signing and I stipulated Full Fee regardless of outcome and they ...
about 1 month ago.

"Carmen taught me more than any of my classes"
jbelmont: Carmen offered mentoring, emotional support and sales support with finesse to the Notaries. No other Notary organization had anyone with ...
about 1 month ago.

Glad to see 123Notary back online
jbelmont: Yes Lee, the crash was awful. It was an emotional week being down. We have never been down for more than a six hours in the last 20 ...
about 2 months ago.

Printing from both trays
Lee-AR: Exactly the way you're currently doing it. Adobe & Macs don't play well together. If you don't value your time and experience, nobody ...
about 3 months ago.

Are you against the RON legislation in CA?
Lee-AR: Just found a*****of a survey completed in 2019 by a ‘platform Title Co.’ of actual consumers (Buyers, Borrowers, Sellers) in which 70% said ...
about 6 months ago.

Negative experiences @ restaurant signings?
Lee-AR: Had a signing at a very busy chain steak house during prime dinner hour. I did try to warn them that this location/time was probably not ...
about 6 months ago.

Notary removes shoes and then steps on liquid
Lee-AR: That's why it's probably a good idea to add a set of hospital-type booties to your notary bag...just slip them OVER your shoes and ...
about 6 months ago.

Requirement for Initials on Signature Page
Lee-AR: Just a funny re initialing: Had an estate sale signing where the man was to 'sign as typed' as Joe Doe, Independent Administrator of the ...
about 6 months ago.

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