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Mobile Notary / Signing Agent Discussion ForumDear Signing Agents,
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Mobile Notary / Signing Agent Discussion Forum
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Top Oldies

Signing Trac
17408: I am waiting on payment for a signing on Nov. 3, 2017. Finally received reply email with all sorts of excuses. I think I will not work ...
about 3 days ago.

123notary.com vs. Notaryrotary.com
buddyw: Notaryrotary is professional and I prefer that company. 123notary has a bizarre process for listing and conducts random "screening" calls ...
about 8 days ago.

National Loan Closings - IA
Grasshopper: I did a signing for them October 25th and one November 24th. I am still waiting for a check. They owe me $100.00 for the October signing ...
about 17 days ago.

This is what a signing agent makes
NavyNotary: Hello and thank you for the list of things to be considered. I'm a newbie and every little bit helps. My biggest change will be my wardrobe ...
about 22 days ago.

National Preferred Notary?
bsnoopster: Plain and simple, they don't pay the Notary. They aren't returning calls and emails are bouncing back as undeliverable. Title company ...
about 25 days ago.

Northstar Notary
rcnotary: I've had many signings from them, and enjoy working with Ken. Highly recommend them. Ronald Castaneda
about 26 days ago.

Why do Notaries avoid Structured Settlements?
edelske: Your fee generally (in my experience) comes directly out of the agents pocket. You are not dealing with a "company". These are ALWAYS ...
about 29 days ago.

How good should you have to be?
edelske: Linda said it perfectly, everything else is secondary. Kenneth A Edelstein Mobile Notary, Apostille / Legalization Processing & ...
about 29 days ago.

New Posts

The client decides what notary act to get
jbelmont: But after the "swear or affirm" the answer is "I do" which does not answer if they are swearing or affirming -- that is if you use correct ...
about 2 hours ago.

So Many Bankers, so Few Notaries
edelske: Desparate notaries - agree. Too few signings - Not really a problem. The REAL and EASY money is in general notary work. Way more than ...
about 1 month ago.

mark-testing: test test
about 99 months ago.

Recent Posts

Rapid Legal "NO PAY"
Lee-AR: One sure way to get paid by a law firm (if that's what they are) is to tell them you'll report this to their local Bar Association unless ...
about 1 month ago.

Prestige Notaries
Joe Ewing: So I guess you are aware, a client has to call Seattle, Washington to hire a Notary in San Diego.
about 2 months ago.

National Link lowering fees
Lee-AR: Pretty soon, if it isn't across the street and you can walk there, it won't be worth doing. This really is b.s. Title fees have not ...
about 3 months ago.

Should Notaries scoring less than 50% be removed?
KanDoNotary: Some states do not have a "handbook" to guide the notary as to what the law is, and unfortunately I've encountered notaries in my state who ...
about 3 months ago.

First Financial Mortgage Services
Penny: Doris, it was a re-fi Loan Ap. RE: FIRST FINANCIAL MORTGAGE SERVICES. I was finally paid on July 31, 2017 from the borrower's ...
about 5 months ago.

New Jersey Notaries - beware!
jbelmont: eNotarizations are dangerous and a security issue. For informal documents perhaps it is fine. For Deeds and POA I have issues. On the other ...
about 5 months ago.

Are you familiar with Per Diem Interest?
Lee-AR: Ditto Linda. If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
about 7 months ago.

My completion confirmation for 9am signing today.
bonbonely: Ironic Update: SoI send a message to see what docs they want faxed because the list they sent isn't matching the docs in the package. So ...
about 20 months ago.

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