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Signing Companies
Hot Topic with New Posts by jbelmont

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01/17/2018  07:23:42 AM by: 17408 Jump to Last Post

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Signing Trac Has anyone worked for this company before? Signing Trac http://signingtrac.com/  
No issues with Signingtrac. One invoice per month and payment via Echeck is almost instant! Rhonda Hall, CNSA  Torudi59
You are in business for yourself, YOU SET YOUR OWN FEES. Learn to say NO. If not, you may as well go work for some company somewhere where they pay you a hourly wage or salary.  Dannotary
Have not been paid by this company in nearly three months. Fuzzy1955  Fuzzy1955
We accepted an assignment with Signingtrac for an agreed fee of $150.00 because the signing address was a 90 mile drive. Today we receive a/an e-check for $80.00. We have left messages with 'billing', and will keep you updated as to how this plays out. I am curious--why has it been so long since any one has had any input about this company? Or, maybe we are not looking in the right place?  ollie
I received a notice from my bank dated 2/03/17 That SigningTracs payment had been returned for closed/frozen account. Left a message with billing today. If i do not hear back will be calling the lenders. [:(!] Wendy Mills John, the payroll guy responded to an email. Their account was compromised and i received an e check in 1 day.  11268
I did a signing for them in April 2017, I reported the signing, as per orders, the following month, they changed their distribution of checks to the 15th of the month. Contacted John when check wasn't received, no replies from then on. I have emailed, called, faxed and did so to the mother company in California. No replies at all, I think we are screwed by them, another company doing this to their notaries.  lawarren55
Was doing Ok with them for a while , but recently, from April , all went silent, no payment, no replies to inquiries about payment, no breathing , live person answers any calls. Very disappointing. I'm not accepting any signings from them until the bills are paid. A. Chris Hohenfels  20681
I have two signings I have not been paid for. One in January, one in February. I have made repeated phone calls, never getting to speak to anyone. Also emails, but I get no response. Based on the other comments, looks like I may as well give up on this one.  Stephhur
Originally posted by 20681
Was doing Ok with them for a while , but recently, from April , all went silent, no payment, no replies to inquiries about payment, no breathing , live person answers any calls. Very disappointing. I'm not accepting any signings from them until the bills are paid. A. Chris Hohenfels
7/7/17 Finally got paid, except for a small portion for a cancelled signing. At least not a total loss. A. Chris Hohenfels  20681
I am waiting on payment for a signing on Nov. 3, 2017. Finally received reply email with all sorts of excuses. I think I will not work for them again. We all need to stick together to outcast these signing agencies. This was there email reply on Jan. 17, 2018: I have forwarded your email to Billing and they have received other requests, if any, as well. Note, we had some delays in payments and have had to temporality change our billing cycle. Billing is working through all the backlog of emails and invoices and will be caught up soon. Calling in is not necessary and will not speed up payment and only slow down the process. Do not contact title, the lender or the borrower as they are not responsible for your payment. We will get you your payment and be back on our regular payment cycle once we are through the current backlog. Thank you for your patience!  17408
Free For All
New Posts by jbelmont

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01/20/2018  12:37:05 PM by: jbelmont Jump to Last Post

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The client decides what notary act to get Whenever I ask Notaries to administer an Oath for me, at least half give me an Affirmation instead since so many people are offended by Oaths. But, I am offended that I asked for one thing and was denied that service. It is the client who decides what type of Notary act they want. The Notary cannot and may not decide for them. So, you can ask, would you like an Oath or an Affirmation? If the person asks for an Oath, then give them an Oath and stop beating around the bush giving them an Affirmation. But, what if the client is not the same person as the signer? The client is the one paying but the signer is the one signing. Who decides what type of Notary act to give? The signer or the one paying? Hmm. Your thoughts?  
'But, what if the client is not the same person as the signer? The client is the one paying but the signer is the one signing. Who decides what type of Notary act to give? The signer or the one paying? Hmm. Your thoughts?" The client decides what type of notarial act they want on their particular documents; the signer is the one with the power to object to swearing to a document (which I've had happen). Issues with this can all easily be averted by simply stating "Do you swear or affirm that the statements contained herein are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief?" JMO Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
I have an issue with people who say, "do you swear or affirm that ..." When you get the answer, "I do" was that an Oath, Affirmation or OathFirmation? I prefer to do one or the other, but not both (or boath) as the client gets to decide to do one or the other, but not the combo, even though that's the new thing. BTW, after they say, "I do," you can say, "I now pronounce you man and document, you may kiss the document." If they ask for a ring, tell them that is only for notarizations of large scrolls of blueprints.   jbelmont
"Swear to" vs "Affirm" is a religious ideological belief/preference. Many people don't wish to "swear to" anything. If they are more comfortable "affirming" to the truth of the statements, our FL laws allow it and it's fine by me. Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
Have to agree with Linda on all counts. Lot of people around these days taking offense at lots of 'words'. "Swear or affirm" covers whichever they won't take offense to so that the signing can move along.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
The issue is not whether or not the signer gets to choose to swear or affirm... The issue is if the Notary should say, "Do you swear or affirm..." rather than doing one or the other. When you mix the two acts together that is no longer a notary act but a combo kind of like an AckJuratledgment. There is no such thing.   jbelmont
You did ask for our thoughts on this. The client has provided whether they want a Jurat or an Ack. In order to avoid semantics issues with a signer AND comply with the client's desires, the wording we can use is 'swear OR affirm'. Operative word here is OR. One OR the other; not both.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
But after the "swear or affirm" the answer is "I do" which does not answer if they are swearing or affirming -- that is if you use correct grammar. That is an OathFirmation which is not a Notary act in any state.   jbelmont
Web directories
Hot Topic with New Posts by n/a

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01/12/2018  05:07:30 AM by: buddyw Jump to Last Post

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123notary.com vs. Notaryrotary.com I have had wonderful results with 123notary. I would have to say that 50% of my business does come from Notaryrotary.com. Susan Marlowe 
Must say that I'm still happy with the amount of work I get from NotaryCafe too. xx Kelly Robertson, California Notary Public (951) 317-0125  SigningAgentCoach
The one who is willing to pay the most, will appear at the top of the list. There is a "certification" exam available here, but that too does not guarantee any real qualifications. Of course. I wonder why people looking for a certified notary do not look on sites that are non-profit.  davidlwilliams
Originally posted by Don
123 Notary has certainly been my #1 source of calls from Signing Services and also provides some private party calls. Jeremy seems to be a master of maintaining high search engine placements. Every time I run a search for any Notary related key words 123 comes up in the top few results. SigningAgent.com did provide a healthy stream of jobs when I first signed up for the NSA listing, but has dwindled down to about 1 call a month recently. After experimenting with their search engine I learned that their listing priority seems to be based on how recently you completed the NSA course and paid them. This helps the "newbies" get started, but does not inspire me to renew with them as that top listing is a fleeting possession! Notary Rotary has been a very low volume source for me, about 1 job every few months, but I have their free listing.
Audrey Jane Spaulding  available1234
I must be unlucky or something. I have never had a signing through 123Notary. I have had signings through Notary Rotary and Notary Café.[:0] [:(] Cathy L O'Dell  codell65
I get a fair amount of new-to-me companies thru 123; tho' most of my business is with my 'regulars' that I've signed up with. I do think that 123 has the best search feature.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
I get most of my calls as a result of 123 Notary[:)]. 123 Notary offers good support.. Leon Nash  Lnash
I think I got maybe 1 maybe 2 calls from Notary Rotary. I get most if not all from 123 Notary and Snapdocs   Jeff701
123 is the only paid site I use. I get a dozen deals a year from 123 making it well worth it. Nothing from Notary Rotary, I didn't even renew ny NR account for free, not worth it, john  peanut20
Belong to both, get calls from both. Prefer this forum. The Rolodex site seems to be contolked by a select group.  KHSTjudi
Notaryrotary is professional and I prefer that company. 123notary has a bizarre process for listing and conducts random "screening" calls where you are asked questions that have nothing to do with real-life notary practices. I was told by 123notary if you have a paid listing you don't get the calls or you are charged more if you can't answer correctly.  buddyw

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