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Question of the day
New Posts by AParadiseNotary

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04/11/2019  09:44:46 AM by: betty1957 Jump to Last Post

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Cost-effective Printer Last year I purchased a new hp LaserJetPro 400 printer. I average 45 signings per month - mostly edocs...I'm going thru two toner cartridges per month at a cost of $178.99 each! Is there a more cost-effective, heavy duty printer out there that won't break the bank?? 
I just bought a HP 4300dtn on ebay for $200 - 45ppm, dual tray. Remanufactured cartridges for this printer are $89 at the place I use, $30-$35 on ebay (which I didn't know at the time) - $89 cartridges have a page yield of 18,000 pages; e-bay cartridges have a page yield of 13,000 pages. If you're paying $178.99/cartridge you're not buying remanufactured cartridges - you're buy new and that's really pricey. You may want to reconsider your cartridge purchase. If you find a provider of good remanufactured cartridges it can save you bundles in the long run. I use inkjetstar.com Hope this helps. Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
I use to have an HP4300 Laser Jet. Very good, sturdy and reliable piece of machine. After 9 years I have replace it with a Brother MFC8950DW. Using re-manufactured cartridges is risky business, some of them don't have the high yield and leak printing powder that can damage your printer. I found a Xerox compatible cartridge (18000 pages) at an affordable price.  29120
I have been using HP LaserJet 4200 for about 10 years. I buy them on eBay for less than $200 and then buy cartridges on eBay for around 25-30. Have loved this printer. Currently have 2 of them I use so I can be printing both copies at the same time.  dhelmic2
I have been purchasing printers for DH's law office since 2008. We originally bought used from a computer place, but I have replaced all of those with new laser jets. I have a Brother Dual Tray, a Dell color 4 in 1 and an old HP1020 as back up at home. I use the HP1020 to print my work orders/maps, too bc the toner is dirt cheap. At the Law Office I have a fairly new Canon color 4 in 1, an HP (not dual tray but really fast and hooked directly to my tower), a Dell color and a Canon 4 in 1 that was replaced by the newer Canon which would stop faxing/copying at 89 pages--no clue why. The TRICK is to do your research. My Brother HL5470DW (the dual tray) saves me time bc it will print mixed pages. I have it set up wireless. The high yield toner will print up to 8,000 pages and I can buy it (NOT on sale) for <$100.00/toner. UNfortunately the super deals at Staples (where I have purchased all of them) have gone the way of the bad economy, but they Still have "Deal of the Day", which is like a Flash Sale. I bought all 3 DD's Dell color lasers for ~$100/each a few years ago. When HP, Canon, and Brother come out with newer/faster models they clearance the old ones. As long as you buy new-in-package you can get a good machine. Epson has a failure rate, btw. betty j. dedman  betty1957
Hot Topic with New Posts by jbelmont

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04/11/2019  09:32:26 AM by: betty1957 Jump to Last Post

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Question 4 - Jail notarizations What is the procedure for a jail notarization? Please discuss identification and communication with the "client" as one of the main points. Remember, that its always a friend, attorney or relative of the inmate who hires the notary, not the jailbird. We can also discuss which ones of you enjoy visiting jails and what its like, etc. 
Originally posted by jbelmont
Do many of you go to jails at all? I used to go weekly, but then got focused on loan signing. Now is a good time to get familiar with jails since its a good source of revenue when loan signings are tight.
Hi Jeremy, the problem here in AZ is we have fee and travel restrictions for what we can charge for notarizations. Being only a mobile notary is not a lucrative business. We need our SOS to change the travel restriction so we can charge a decent service fee.   lildeb1951
Beware of flashing your business card because an inmate might actually be sly enough to remember a name or phone number and contact you. It has happened to me. I'm gonna speak to the attorney's office that wants me to id an inmate with a wristband. This is in CA and it's not acceptable as proper ID. The CA primer generalizes this as though it might be construed as legitimate. I am not interested in using 2 credible witnesses at a jail either. That is asking for too much hassle.[B)]  n/a
sanlee321, call the lock-up facility in question and find out what type of ID card or badge that particular facility has for its inmates. It may be like the one I mentioned on NotRot. Like you, I would not bother with credible witnesses at a lock-up facility. It's a hassle drumming up credible witnesses for regular notary customers - what a headache trying to get them to meet at a lock-up facility.  Lisa T.
Whatever jail ID is offered, its probably not acceptable. YOu need a state issued ID, driver license, passport, or something government issued with a photo that is current with physical description, etc.   jbelmont
What type of documents do they normally notarize at jails. I noticed on my own profie page it asked if I have experience with jail, I checked no. But when you look me up on 123 - it just states no to jail services, which I would be willing to do. Any advice. Thanks!! A lot of great info on 123Notary! ARlene arlene mills  arlenemills
I've done a few jail notarizations with success, however, I've always been accompanied by a relative of the inmate or the inmate's attorney. Prior to the appointment, I make sure that whoever is meeting me has a current, government issued, photo ID for the inmate in their possession (they will sometimes have to obtain this from the prison staff, which can take a day or two). The only problem I've encountered is in getting the inmate's signature into my ledger without letting my ledger out of my hands. In one of the prisons, there is a small slot at the bottom of the window where I can slide the signature page of the ledger through while holding the other half of the book, give the guard a pen to monitor the inmate as he signs and then retrieve the book. In another prison, there is no slot to slide the page in to the inmate (conversations take place via phone through the window). In this case, unless I want to abort the signing, I have to release my entire ledger to the guard to bring around the window to the inmate to sign and then bring it back out to me, all within view, of course. Letting it out of my hands always makes me uncomfortable. How have others handled this, especially in the state of CA? D Bozick, CSA  D Bozick
Based on my experiences I think Jail Signings are biggest waste of time and resources ever. I have had no success with these things. One of two things usually happens... A panic stricken family member calls me regarding my services and how much I charge. If I'm available I tell them I can do it and that my price will depend on the visiting procedures of the prison/jail. I then ask for the prison’s/jail's contact information so that I can call and find out that information. Once I have, I give the family member my price and the prison’s/jail's visiting procedures that must followed. They tell me they'll get back to me once they set everything up. I eventually hear back from them just to find out the guy's going to make bail and I'm no longer needed. OR... I call the prison/jail and find out they have a notary on site and don't allow outside notaries perform notarization for inmates. Nothing like wasting 30 minutes or so of your time for nothing. At this point I only take these signings if I'm really desperate for work otherwise I'm "booked solid". And to answer your question Arlene the majority of the time the document that need notarization regards temporary custody of a minor or minors. Mom or Dad is busted so they need to give custody of their children to their parents temporally until the whole mess can be sorted out.  TGS1985
Originally posted by BobbiCT
Simply call the main office of the jail and tell them you are available for notarizations and you'd like to drop off some business cards.
At the local detention center it is forbidden to solicit notary work, be sure you check it out before they throw you you.  onemoroni1
I did it once years ago. Never again for any amount of pay. It is a demeaning and humiliating process getting into the place #1 that I am not willing to go through.  Dannotary
DH has been in criminal law, prosecution and defense for 45 years. Not only would he Not let me go into a jail to notarize, I wouldn't want to be there, either. I DID do a refi once at a Sheriff's office. betty j. dedman  betty1957
New Posts by signingagent4you

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04/11/2019  09:30:13 AM by: betty1957 Jump to Last Post

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Background Check Where is the best place to get a new background check from? I know they all charge different and some companies don't take other companies checks. Seems like you have to have several done from different places for different title companies. Any ideas or recommendations? 
Have you had a background check before? Most companies want either the NNA or Sterling background check, which Fidelity Title accepts. Some of the others, like the one through NotaryRotary, although one of the best, are not accepted by Fidelity at this time. I have my background check through Sterling and I had to be referred by a signing service before they would process the BG check. Sterling only charges for the BG check. You do not have to join or be certified for anything.  Doris_CO
The background check I've found works best is from "National Notary Association". I've never had anyone refuse it.   Michael 3
I had one signing company refuse to accept my NNA Certified Signing Agent Certificate. She wanted the background report itself. I refused to give her the background report. She claimed her clients required more than NNA required---but would not be more specific. Needless to say, I'm not signed up with that company. NSA's---you need to protect yourself! If you share your info --whatever it might be--with a signing company, you then have no control who they share it with. Providing them with your NNA Certified Signing Agent certificate should be adequate--they can verify its validity with NNA. You do not need to provide a copy of your background report. Vicki Kluever Palmer, Alaska   AKnotary
@AKNotary, this is the one job where you can FIRE the employer. betty j. dedman  betty1957
New Posts by jbelmont

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04/11/2019  09:27:30 AM by: betty1957 Jump to Last Post

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Question 15 - Reverse Mortgages Who has experience with reverse mortgages? Are they hard? Do you need to take a class to understand how to complete them? Do they take long? Please share your experience. 
I do quite a bit of reverse mtgs, both the apps and the closings. I had no special training. I love doing them, because I love older folks and I love the relief it brings to them. I always call them a day before I go out and tell them which documents to have ready for me. I have to take a portable printer with me to make copies of those docs. I always do that first while chatting with them and establishing a raport with them. You do have to be patient with them and listen to stories, but they know more than I do about life, so that's ok. I love the concept of the reverse mtg and really love the quality of life it brings to the seniors who do them, however, I know they're not for everyone. gjk  gjk-fl
Jeremy...two notes and two mortgages are what really stand out. For the most part they are the same as any other loan packages. They do take longer, due to the age of the borrowers. C  crtowles
I agree that RM's are not hard. They are just different. Generally there is more paper work. It takes more time because generally they do like to visit. I too like going to their home to fill out the application first but I am not traveling over thirty miles one way for $75.00 that Signing Pro pays its just not feasible. There are two notes and two deeds. one deed and one note is for the government the other is for the lender. The government insures that the lender will not default on the loan if that situation happens the government takes over the loan.  claudia
There are a view items to be aware of when doing a Reverse Mortgage: so that you can call them and ask them to have the information they need ready when you get there. 1. Generally there is a document that asks for the name and date of the company the borrower has received his/her counseling from. Sometimes the original certificate is required. 2. They will need a copy of their homeowners insurance to be sent back to lender. 3. Sometimes an appraisal deposit check is requested.   claudia
Jeremy, the main difference when conducting these closing is that a closer should go over the HUD and then the reverse mortgage Amortization Sheet and Fee Sheet before the Note. Those 2 sheets go over the fees that equal the total amount that has been taken for their loan when they fund. There is also a servicing fee and account that is not part of the funds that are taken from them. Yet, an account that their $30 fee goes into...then go into the Note. As the rate is only on what thye borrow. Also, on the HUD and required by the government is the Origination and the Mortgage Insurance(protect the gov't of 100K).  mfleites
I'm compelled to post about this topic as I am a senior myself & have done just a few reverse mortgage applications and the actual loan signing itself. The mortgage signing is ok, because the borrower has already been approved & decided to go ahead. BUT the application scenario has been such a bad experience for me. Not due to the common reasons, such as: extra time-consuming, fax backs, senile signer. I will not do another reverse mtg application because obviously, the LO has done no due diligence (as far as I am concerned) in qualifying their prospects. By this I mean: property, including the house itself is in such state of disrepair that an appraisal would be ludicrous; potential client is behind on mtg pmts, utilities, HO insurance. Yet they are presented with docs outlining what they will receive for a proposed value of $125K !! AND, after I inquired of my well-advertised hiring party what happens to these folks who don't meet their minimum value, they are referred to a lender with lower requirements (think predatory). The last straw is the applicant is asked to provide pre-payment for an appraisal, which many appraisers will not do for the RM.  sashad
Well written sashad!  IntegrityNotary
Question: Do you get paid for each trip and how much should we charge for the application. I am uncertain of the amount of docs for the app.
Originally posted by jbelmont
I like all the responses we got on this question. Who can tell me about the specific documents that are unique to a reverse mortgage as well as the unique questions and procedures that are involved. I'm curious as I haven't signed loans in the last several years since RM's came to be popular.
2 questions for seasoned RM closers... What is the purpose of the Home Equity Conversion Adjustable Rate Mortgage Payment Plan? I know it is NOT a payment plan. Also on this doc is the question “Was the expected average mortgage interest rate locked?" It may be answered "YES“, which does NOT mean it is locked, but has limits set – something like “can go up no more than 2 points each year – and no more than 5 points in total.” This doc is difficult to explain when I don't know its purpose. On the Choice of Insurance Option, what does "[lender name] chooses the Assignment Insurance Option" mean?   CMatisse
I have done about 1/2 a dozen of these and my starting fee for local RM's is $200.00, which nobody wants to pay. EVERY ONE OF THEM was a very large package and you get the inevitable question from the signer: "Am I doing the right thing?" I handled 2 of these that made sense. One gentlemen was living in his parents old house. He was unmarried, no children, he moved in to care for his aging parents and inherited the property. All of his nephews/nieces lived out of state and had no interest in living on these 3 acres, and his hobby was cars. He was a healthy almost 70yo and wanted to take some money out to pursue his hobby. I have done 2 RM applications. It takes 2-3 hours for the signer to complete the preliminary paperwork. They have problems reading and understanding the paperwork, and DON'T have copiers so you end up taking photos of up to 15+ documents with your phone that have to print out--maybe now just uploaded. Point is, there are a LOT of work for an NSA. No thanks anymore. betty j. dedman  betty1957
New Posts by Lee-AR

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04/11/2019  09:17:40 AM by: betty1957 Jump to Last Post

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Signers showing me their ID on a cellphone Third time in less than a month! During my confirmation call, I tell the signer I will need to see an Original Gov.-issued photo ID...D. License preferred. No problem, they say, but upon arrival, they flash a photo on their cell phone. It really hasn't been a problem as, thus far, they still do have the original with them, but they also seem annoyed that I won't accept what I can only describe as a non-original electronic copy of what I asked for...the original. Anyone else seeing this trend? Would you accept this as proof?
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
No, I would only accept an original ID. It must be a physical one. The ID's on the cell are great, but is not an original one. I carry a current primer with me. If an issue I would show them the law in the primer. Notary On Wheels, LLC. "Where Excellent Service is Not Only a Commitment, But Also Our Policy"   walthtz
I ask the signer for their email when I confirm bc I have a general email and more specific emails regarding ID's requested by title companies/lenders to send them. CHASE HELOC's for instance will allow a CHASE Credit/Debit card as a 2ndary ID. I have compiled lists of acceptable ID's from paperwork in document packages that I have handled and it has saved me time and trouble. My email asks for a printed copy and if I find out that the title company/lender doesn't need it I can still check THE ORIGINAL ID against it, then give the signer Back their ID. You learn from experience and I don't want to be waiting for somebody to be rummaging through their desk drawer looking for another ID at the signing. I discourage using a SSCard bc I don't want to be handling any copies of anybody's SSCard at all. I make it very clear that I have to examine a Government Issued ID, or I cannot do the closing. Just extra work that comes with this job. betty j. dedman  betty1957

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