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New Posts by jbelmont

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08/16/2019  08:11:05 AM by: Big John K Jump to Last Post

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Tristar Any information on Tristar?  
The regional one in TN? No experience. Or did you mean Transtar National? If so, they use SnapDocs & try to lowball, but will negotiate to an acceptable XXX fee.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
TRISTAR CONSUMER GRP AKA ACRO 503 A Ligon Dr, Nashville, TN 37204 They promise payment in 30 days but... It took several e-mails and phone calls to get payment and then payment came from someone whom I'm not familiar with, a Wilfredo Vasquez (rjprep2@gmail.com) These folks also have some relationship with bruyetteassociates@gmail.com who is another company that does similar work. I would recommend extreme caution in dealing with these people. There procedures aren't typical of similar businesses. John K.  Big John K
New Posts by jbelmont

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08/12/2019  07:28:40 AM by: Big John K Jump to Last Post

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Superior Signing Has anyone worked for Superior Signing or Superior Signings before?  
What is their address/telephone? There are several of them around, or have demised. Need more info. A couple are very low pay/slow pay/no pay companies. 007Notary  007Notary
Superior Signing Services in California. Well organized docs. Prompt payment. Good communications, Overall a pleasure to work with. I worked with Michelle 949.292.4278  Big John K
New Posts by jbelmont

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08/10/2019  10:15:51 AM by: wally Jump to Last Post

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The Notary Cloud Has anyone worked for The Notary cloud? Las Vegas, NV  
I have completed three assignments for them: #1 the doc packages are very large--200+ pages #2 They pay only 1/3 of the fee if there is a no sign In our rural area it is common to travel 40+ miles one way to meet signers. #3 My suggestion is get specifics before you accept an assignment!  ollie
I accepted a closing from this company and never got a confirmation. On the day of the closing, at 10am which was the time of the closing, I got a message that the docs were ready! In the meantime I had scheduled others. Anyway, a woman called me all ticked off and hung up on me. Not good for a newbee-  lanerocket
Haven't worked with them, but did get a call today for way too far away and man nearly had a coronary when I told him I'd do it for $XXX, but Appt. had to be moved to later in day due to distance. BTW, my fee for similar has been accepted by other companies, so I'm guessing this is a low-pay company.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
Have completed two signings with Notary Cloud recently. Each time they call you they want to negotiate the rate, they don't want to honor your prior fees. Doc packages are 200-270 pages! These are usually VA loans and take extra time! I asked them to take me off their list when they tried to minimize me for wanting the extra $10 I was asking for to bring me to the same rate my prior two signings were for with them. It's ok for notaries to take less pay for more work but not for them to pay it out. Tired of companies that don't respect our work. :) Karen D Nash  funlovin1_kdn
I sure am glad to see all the comments about Notary Cloud today. I received a call to do a signing this afternoon and they quoted some unacceptable low fee. I am sooooo glad I said no and that they didn't agree to my quoted fee. It always pays to check 123notary! /Penny Henritze  Penny
I only performed one assignment for this company and when it came to payment they would ignore my invoicing and the 3 times i called they said the payment is on its way and it never arrived. So I started calling them and emailing them my invoice daily and I told them that I would be calling the borrower and escrow regarding whats owed to me and that they do not pay there notaries. Finally after 62 days I received my payment. First and last time I work for them. Giulliano F. Silva  gsilvamn
Going through this right now, I performed a closing on 01/03/19 and I have sent several invoices with no response. Now I keep getting a message now that the check is on its way and I follow up weekly and its still not here. She offered for me to send her a UPS label, are you serious? Rhonda Hall, CNSA  Torudi59
Wow, This company still in Business. I stopped doing business with them a few years ago. Doesnt any read any reviews of google " Reviews of Notary Cloud".. The notarycafe.com has tons of reviews. Stay away from this company and avoid them like the bubonic plague or worse.  Notary_Narayan
Did a closing on 6/26/19 received payment on 8/9/19. This seems to be about the norm with some companies. They got terrible reviews on the forums I read. I turned a signing down for them recently but wish I had taken it. I don't know if i am being premature but it looks like they may have got it together  wally
Legal Issues
New Posts by 40384

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08/19/2019  02:46:03 AM by: 40384 Jump to Last Post

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I AM THE LAW!!! Low level clerk at the Register of Deeds office. "Your notarized document is not embossed and it has to be for us to accept it." Not they 1st time a nothing minimum wage labor employee has decided to tell me that they know the law. I immediately got their supervisor, which they never like, and brought up the Notary Rules Civil Law on my handy google cell phone of actual laws... I asked the super to 1st read where the law states notaries no longer need embossers, secondly asked if they knew their subordinate had passed the Bar and was now a lawyer? I asked if they were a nominated or voted sitting judge as the Supervisor. Of course the answer was "No. Why did I ask?" Well only a judge can decide if a law can be modified or changed even on a situational need. Also only a lawyer seems to know enough to know that is the law. I refuse to be intimidated by Wannabes who think they are the final word. The document was ultimately accepted and has never been returned for processing and the home has sold 2x since then. Police Officers are the worst offenders but any government employee has the potential to become Judge Dredd and try to tell you how to do your job when they cannot even do their own. #SMH be prepared and know your rules and never stop learning... T.R. Schar. 
New Posts by MrsKitty

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08/14/2019  09:19:41 AM by: MrsKitty Jump to Last Post

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Phone Photos of ID What is your practice re: using your phone to take pictures of ID. NNA states notaries should not use their phone to copy ID, as do some lenders and signing companies, due to privacy and potential identity theft issues. Signature Closers took back a signing today because Elevated Title required an ID picture taken with my phone get uploaded to them during the appt, and I said I couldn't do that. If I did the signing w/o taking the photo, my fee would be dropped $25 Debra LeFew 

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