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Vote on signing companies
New Posts by jbelmont

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06/19/2017  04:45:56 AM by: ollie Jump to Last Post

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The Notary Cloud Has anyone worked for The Notary cloud? Las Vegas, NV  
I have completed three assignments for them: #1 the doc packages are very large--200+ pages #2 They pay only 1/3 of the fee if there is a no sign In our rural area it is common to travel 40+ miles one way to meet signers. #3 My suggestion is get specifics before you accept an assignment!  ollie
Signing Companies
Hot Topic with New Posts by jbelmont

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06/24/2017  9:51:51 PM by: 20681 Jump to Last Post

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Signing Trac Has anyone worked for this company before? Signing Trac http://signingtrac.com/  
Originally posted by dawnrin
I've been doing little signings for them lately. They've all been HELOC appts. The docs are at the borrower's house and I'm in and out in about 20 minutes. They pay $50 for the signing as no printing nor faxbacks are necessary. Plus, they don't send you further than about 10 miles for this fee. You bill them monthly now. I emailed them my Nov. invoice on Dec. 1st and was sent a Deluxe e-check the very next day! I don't know what changed, but it seems to be working for now.
I am going to reevaluate them. I have been avoiding the emails because of their low rating on NRot.  mgb1966
I just did a simple loan mod agreement for them at the end of Feb. 15 min appointment tops and I submitted my request for payment on 3/1/2016 and they paid me just now via Duluxe Online checks. 3/7/2016 so they paid within 1 week of billing. They only allow you to submit your invoices at the beginning of the following month. Example. All jobs done in Feb can be submitted on Mar 1st and so on. No troubles here so far.  36768
[:(!][?][8]I keep getting e mail from this company. Their fees are way too LOW! They only pay $40 for loan mods. That includes your valuable time, printing and faxing back the docs. I don't know why ANY notary would accept their jobs! I finally asked them to remove me from their e mail list.   catmama47
No issues with Signingtrac. One invoice per month and payment via Echeck is almost instant! Rhonda Hall, CNSA  Torudi59
You are in business for yourself, YOU SET YOUR OWN FEES. Learn to say NO. If not, you may as well go work for some company somewhere where they pay you a hourly wage or salary.  Dannotary
Have not been paid by this company in nearly three months. Fuzzy1955  Fuzzy1955
We accepted an assignment with Signingtrac for an agreed fee of $150.00 because the signing address was a 90 mile drive. Today we receive a/an e-check for $80.00. We have left messages with 'billing', and will keep you updated as to how this plays out. I am curious--why has it been so long since any one has had any input about this company? Or, maybe we are not looking in the right place?  ollie
I received a notice from my bank dated 2/03/17 That SigningTracs payment had been returned for closed/frozen account. Left a message with billing today. If i do not hear back will be calling the lenders. [:(!] Wendy Mills John, the payroll guy responded to an email. Their account was compromised and i received an e check in 1 day.  11268
I did a signing for them in April 2017, I reported the signing, as per orders, the following month, they changed their distribution of checks to the 15th of the month. Contacted John when check wasn't received, no replies from then on. I have emailed, called, faxed and did so to the mother company in California. No replies at all, I think we are screwed by them, another company doing this to their notaries.  lawarren55
Was doing Ok with them for a while , but recently, from April , all went silent, no payment, no replies to inquiries about payment, no breathing , live person answers any calls. Very disappointing. I'm not accepting any signings from them until the bills are paid. A. Chris Hohenfels  20681
New Posts by Daniel Woodman

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06/24/2017  05:10:52 AM by: FLnotary1 Jump to Last Post

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Signing Wiz Completed a closing for Signing Wiz, LLC and John Kulik on 12-15-2008. It is now 75 days past due. After a threat to post negative feedback on the forums, he said "Check will be mailed this week." 10 days later, still nothing. BEWARE! 
I've done four jobs for John Kulik and have not had a problem. He's always been there to call me when I needed info on a signing. My first check was a couple days late but he called to apologise for that and called again when the check was mailed. His fees have been competative. I've always been treated well by him.[:D] Susan K Themann  n/a
I handled a signing yesterday for John Kulik. I requested my payment yesterday afternoon through paypal and the payment was in my account that evening. He was very personable and easy to work with.   lightk
Glad to hear about prompt payment. However, I do have a problem with receiving payments for services through my PayPal account. Actually, there are two issues: (1) the may be a fee associated with the payment and (2) no paper trail (check stub). Depending on how the money is sent and whether or not you have a personal or business account, there may be a 2.9% plus 30¢ fee to receive your money. For a $100.00 assignment, that means that you possibly could net only $96.80 after the $3.20 transaction fee is applied. The second issue, for me, is the paper trail. For every assignment, there is a stack of paper that results. (Does not include the loan documents, only those documents that pertain to the assignment: confirmation email, any correspondence, completion report and invoice.) When payment is received by check, a copy of the check is made and attached to the stack. Likewise, if there is a check stub, which there usually is (or should be) with commercial accounting, it too gets attached.
Never drive any faster than your guardian angel can fly. I am not an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Florida, and I may not give legal advice or accept fees for legal advice. Visit us online at http://www.PAWnotary.com  PWinFL
I have used Paypal occasionally when dealing with a new or poor-feedback company, and to me, $3 is well-worth the hassle you avoid by immediate payment! --No 30-90 day wait, no invoicing, no follow-up phone calls, no hold time, no re-invoicing, no e-mailing to get payment, etc, etc, etc. I guarantee between time and effort in collections I spend more than $3 for an average closing with this type of company. Also, I'm not sure how printing out a Paypal transaction receipt is any different than a check stub for recording purposes! Especially since, as we all know, only about 50% of signing companies include one with the check anyways.  Daniel Woodman
LightK , did you request payment up front? I'm curious that someone would pay before job completion!!  renardo452
By the way, I did contact the title company because he shorted my payment and said it was because I did a bad job. this was his reply after my 4 attempts for payment. Anyway, the title company made him send my balance that day and also appointed me so now i do closing with them directly!!! So, i guess in the end it turned out okay. Now if I could get Fox Signing to pay , that would be good. Closed in February and never received payment after many emails, calls and threats!!  renardo452
I think John is going out of business. Closed over two months ago. Haven't been paid. Called to inquire, as he was always prompt. All I get is his voice mail. Ray Cox  Abbondanza
Considering he hired me in Feb. of this year I'm not sure if he gone or just a unethical person. Barry Glassgold  bgmarket
WHen I do not get paid, I get mad, wait , I get rabid. My experience with SigningWiz was horrible. DId a signing in Feb 2017 and had lost hopes of getting paid. I never used to get response form John Kulik of Signing Wiz on any topic regarding pending payment until i escalated the matter to the title / lender to let them know that they should be aware of these type of dead beats. Eventually I started getting excuses and finally i lost my cool. I had to extract payment via paypal from John kulik only after the below statement of action by me , if payment is not made in 2 hours. I told this man that I will file complaints against John Kulik as below and got paid in June 2017 via paypal after the following threat of legal action. ################################################################ John Kulik is apparently a notary in PA. Hence the following avenues of legal action can be undertaken. Hence sharing with you. 1) Revoke notary license in State of PA by lodging complaint with the Department of state. Notary Complaint https://www.pals.pa.gov/#/ComplaintForm 2) Complaint to PA Attorney General. https://www.attorneygeneral.gov/uploadedFiles/MainSite/Content/ComplaintForms/BCP_Complaint_Form.pdf If enough complaints pile up , then this will get some traction and response from the authorities. SO Please do your civic duty & complain in both state government authorities If the links do not work, please google for the information and navigate   Notary_Narayan
I went to the Signing Wiz Web site. It is still active. John does not respond to my calls or e-mails. Fortunately I visit a friend every year, only 22 miles from his listed address. Maybe I'll stop in to say hello. I'em just a friendly kinda guy. But then most of us retired master sergeants share that trait.  FLnotary1
New Posts by Marndt9434

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06/18/2017  1:46:46 PM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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National Preferred Notary I accepted an assignment from National Preferred Notary on February 9, 2017 and to date have not been compensated. I have made several calls to Teresa Lewis who does not respond to my phone messages. I have called the president of National Preferred Notary, Mike Devalk and have yet to receive a response. My advice is to not accept work from this signing company unless you intend to work for free. 
Checking the Rolodex forum, there are a number of posting about NPN - none good.  KHSTjudi
New Posts by mbs653

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06/18/2017  1:44:12 PM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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Accountable Agents Located in Reading Pa. Paid as agreed and on time as stated. Would work for them again. Pleasant to work with. IleneMd 
They are an excellent company to work for, and always pay on time. I have done lots of loans for them!   kandy1099
Hello All, The Accountable Agents are awesome to work with. I worked for Ray as long as eight years ago when he was with The Rose.They have a top notch business with top notch employees. They are one of my core companies to work for and hope to work with them for years to come.  novice41
Just did my first signing with them. Wrong address on confirmation sheet (good thing I confirm that during the call), but seemed like a decent business model. Pleasant people, clearly stated expectations, good website, decent rate.  KHSTjudi
Great company, always fair and respectful. I never have to ask about fees or terms. They pay Net 30. Jay Schankman www.ohionotarial.com 740 804 1643  ohionotarial
This is a fairly new company for me to work with. They always tell me their client demands a no contact from me ahead of signing. They stress that I am NOT to call to confirm appointment. This makes me uncomfortable. Is this normal for them or you? Thank you for your response. Sharon  Kaye08
No worries with this company. Very easy to deal with and contact. The "no confirm" is not unusual. TMG NOTARY PA  mentalmi
Just did my 2nd or 3rd assignment and one big thing bothered me. If the lender does not fund the loan then you do not get paid for all the work you have done. I did a Reverse Mortgage which is a big package (without asking they increased my fee which was wonderful) but with a 96 year old man - I was at his house for 3 1/2 hours and between printing a large package - there were many many pages to notarize these documents. I am praying that the lender funds this as the trip and print fee alone would be under $10 per hour AND that does not even take into consideration all the other fees we notary's have to pay. Cell phone - computer internet connection - printer and supplies - Back Ground check annually - E & O - commission fees - etc. Beryl Butler  BerylG
This post is a positive - that they offer to pay me more - just did not like the fact that there is a possibility of not being paid. Beryl Butler  BerylG
Always have had positive experiences with them and have been paid timely.  overquailified1
UPDATE: Happy to say I've closed a number for these guys. Good experiences, all! Fair pay, respectful, good communications, consistent expectations.  KHSTjudi
New Posts by 4113

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06/18/2017  1:37:17 PM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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Express Notary Services, Inc. Hello. Has anyone had any experience with Express Notary Services, or EXP Notary.com? I have done a couple loan modifications and billed them and am hoping to get paid. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. www.marketing-your-niche-business.com 
I have done nearly 50 signings for Express Notary and have been very happy working for them, except their pay is low. But now it has been more than a month since I have rec'd an assignment from them. Does anyone know if they are actually out of business?  gwalmer
Originally posted by 4113
Hello. Has anyone had any experience with Express Notary Services, or EXP Notary.com? I have done a couple loan modifications and billed them and am hoping to get paid. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. www.marketing-your-niche-business.com
It took them 90+ days to pay for a signing I did for them January.  cevette
Did a closing May 25, 2013 and still awaiting payment. :(   esnotary
I did two signings in June, 2013 and one on July 1, 2013. I received payment here in Hawaii in 3 weeks on the first one and am awaiting payment on the last two. I enjoyed working with them and will definitely accept more signings from them. Good communication, answers at the table, on-time packages, and easy to navigate website. They met my fee and so far, so good!  cbirchard
I have done three signings for them this year, all paid better than agreed, before 30 days. 007Notary  007Notary
I performed a signing for ENS on 10/2/14. On 11/10 (5 weeks) with NO CHECK, I called to ask for my payment. Today 11/21/14 I received full payment seven (7) weeks after closing with the postmark on envelope being 11/14/14 or a week earlier. It seems to me that as the postal rates increase it takes longer to get mail from California to Oregon. I will most likely work for ENS again should they call, I will have to wait seven (7) weeks for payment which in my mind, is 3 weeks too long. It was a large signing with no fax backs. Clients were very nice and pleasant to work with. I think these slow paying companies get paid quickly and hold our money for their benefit without any regard for those of us that are out here helping them make the money.  OregonMobileNotary
We give folks a second chance, and especially when (for some time)no new posts have been submitted. Well, that is what we did for Express notary (expnotary)--hoping to build a profitable working partnership. However, they just won't have that kind of business relationship. We attempted to completed an assignment for them on 04/10/2015, but the folks refused to sign. On 04/13/2015 the signers changed their minds and we did close them on that day. Express notary agreed to pay a $50.00 print and trip fee, and a $100 completion fee for the second trip. Now all we are getting from them is air (words)! This post is just a warning if they contact you to work for them. We will repost, if they ever decide to pay us our earned FEE!  ollie
This outfit is completely unscrupulous. I handled a signing for them on 6/24. I left for vacation on 6/27. On 6/28 I received a call from them regarding the fact that I missed one of two signatures on a Name Affidavit. I was told to contact the borrower and set up a time to rectify the situation immediately. After some harassment by William Croce, I informed them that I was out of state on vacation and would handle it upon my return. He said he would get another notary. Fine. Then, on July 13 (over two weeks later!), I get a call asking me to go out and get the doc resigned. Ok. Did it, and acknowledged it the day it was signed (7/13). They then tried to tell me that I was to BACKDATE it to the original signing date. After, some discussion in which I let Mr. Croce know in no uncertain terms that I had no intention of doing so, I received a call from someone else at the company, whom I let know the same thing. The next thing I get is a correction of the original order zeroing out my payment altogether. DO NOT WORK FOR THESE GUYS unless you have no problem doing something illegal!   Susan Cook
I have had 2 major issues with this company, and will no longer sign with them: 1. They state on their orders that they will not renegotiate fees if the page count turns out to be larger than usual. But repeatedly, when the page count turned out to be smaller than usual, they would cancel my signing, and reassign to someone else for a lesser fee. 2. Recently I had returned from a signing, when they called, and asked me to print out an additional 50 pages or so and return to have them signed. I said I would do it, but not for the low additional fee they offered, whereupon the rep went on a tirade, repeatedly using the "F" word and making outlandish accusations. To their credit - with much prodding - they eventually paid the original fee. Lee Goldenberg  goodyg5
I like them. They pay on the liw side, but will add a few bucks for a larger package, and they pay spot on 25 to 30 days. Docs are occasionally right on that two-hour mark, that's the only negative.  KHSTjudi
Free For All
New Posts by jbelmont

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06/18/2017  2:16:36 PM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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What is your worst experience with road rage? I deal with angry drivers, tailgaters, and idiots on the road all the time. What has your worst experience been? For me, the tailgating is the worst, and I just slow down when they are too close. They get angry and honk, or pass, or I pull over when I get a chance.  
The guy who tailgated me for 3 miles on a two lane mountain road in the dark, then threw a bottle of beer against my windshield as he flew past.  KHSTjudi
New Posts by jbelmont

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06/18/2017  2:14:19 PM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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Does Notary Rotary Censor? I have heard that sometimes posts or part of posts disappear on Notary Rotary. Is that really true?  
If the post is judged inflammatory or untrue - yes.  KHSTjudi
New Posts by KHSTjudi

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06/18/2017  2:12:33 PM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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Employee versus independent contractor? More and more, signing companies are trying to control the actions of NSAs. Many of their demands are crossing the line. For example: scheduling a specific time breaches Washington State Independent Contractor statues. In what ways do you feel you are controlled? 
Posts not related to getting paid
New Posts by Musayyab

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06/20/2017  02:48:17 AM by: Musayyab Jump to Last Post

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BG/SBLC OFFER Sir, We offer fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale such as BG, SBLC,LC,DLC, MTN, Bank Bonds, Bank Draft, T strips and other. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options and we also discount/monetize BG's. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. If in need of our services, contact me for detail information. Email: brokermusayyab@gmail.com Skype: brokermusayyab Regards Musayyab Ian 
Question of the day
New Posts by Musayyab

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06/20/2017  02:53:59 AM by: Musayyab Jump to Last Post

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BG/SBLC OFFER Sir, We offer fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale such as BG, SBLC,LC,DLC, MTN, Bank Bonds, Bank Draft, T strips and other. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options and we also discount/monetize BG's. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. If in need of our services, contact me for detail information. Email: brokermusayyab@gmail.com Skype: brokermusayyab Regards Musayyab Ian 
Getting Paid Archives
New Posts by Musayyab

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06/20/2017  02:45:36 AM by: Musayyab Jump to Last Post

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BG/SBLC OFFER Sir, We offer fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale such as BG, SBLC,LC,DLC, MTN, Bank Bonds, Bank Draft, T strips and other. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options and we also discount/monetize BG's. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. If in need of our services, contact me for detail information. Email: brokermusayyab@gmail.com Skype: brokermusayyab Regards Musayyab Ian 
Web directories
Hot Topic with New Posts by n/a

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06/18/2017  2:19:56 PM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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123notary.com vs. Notaryrotary.com I have had wonderful results with 123notary. I would have to say that 50% of my business does come from Notaryrotary.com. Susan Marlowe 
Yikes. Since my mamma taught me not to reply to something if I don't have anything nice to say about that Notary Rotary, I'll not comment. I get SO MUCH WORK from 123, always have, always will. There IS NO COMPARISON, espec when it comes to the drama on their message board. Plus, who can forget when "he" sold the electronic notarization product for California Notaries Public, geesh. How many of you wasted your money on that? Okay. off my box. Kelly Robertson, California Notary Public (951) 317-0125  SigningAgentCoach
Must say that I'm still happy with the amount of work I get from NotaryCafe too. xx Kelly Robertson, California Notary Public (951) 317-0125  SigningAgentCoach
The one who is willing to pay the most, will appear at the top of the list. There is a "certification" exam available here, but that too does not guarantee any real qualifications. Of course. I wonder why people looking for a certified notary do not look on sites that are non-profit.  davidlwilliams
Originally posted by Don
123 Notary has certainly been my #1 source of calls from Signing Services and also provides some private party calls. Jeremy seems to be a master of maintaining high search engine placements. Every time I run a search for any Notary related key words 123 comes up in the top few results. SigningAgent.com did provide a healthy stream of jobs when I first signed up for the NSA listing, but has dwindled down to about 1 call a month recently. After experimenting with their search engine I learned that their listing priority seems to be based on how recently you completed the NSA course and paid them. This helps the "newbies" get started, but does not inspire me to renew with them as that top listing is a fleeting possession! Notary Rotary has been a very low volume source for me, about 1 job every few months, but I have their free listing.
Audrey Jane Spaulding  available1234
I must be unlucky or something. I have never had a signing through 123Notary. I have had signings through Notary Rotary and Notary Café.[:0] [:(] Cathy L O'Dell  codell65
I get a fair amount of new-to-me companies thru 123; tho' most of my business is with my 'regulars' that I've signed up with. I do think that 123 has the best search feature.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
I get most of my calls as a result of 123 Notary[:)]. 123 Notary offers good support.. Leon Nash  Lnash
I think I got maybe 1 maybe 2 calls from Notary Rotary. I get most if not all from 123 Notary and Snapdocs   Jeff701
123 is the only paid site I use. I get a dozen deals a year from 123 making it well worth it. Nothing from Notary Rotary, I didn't even renew ny NR account for free, not worth it, john  peanut20
Belong to both, get calls from both. Prefer this forum. The Rolodex site seems to be contolked by a select group.  KHSTjudi
New Posts by Musayyab

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06/20/2017  03:59:16 AM by: Musayyab Jump to Last Post

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BG/SBLC OFFER Sir, We offer fresh cut bank instrument for lease/sale such as BG, SBLC,LC,DLC, MTN, Bank Bonds, Bank Draft, T strips and other. Leased Instruments can be obtained at minimal expense to the borrower compared to other banking options and we also discount/monetize BG's. This offer is open to both individuals and corporate bodies. If in need of our services, contact me for detail information. Email: brokermusayyab@gmail.com Skype: brokermusayyab Regards Musayyab Ian 

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