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Florida Notary Commission / Florida Notary Application / Florida Notary Manual ( Handbook ) Information
To become a Florida Notary Public you can use the services of a Bonding company to submit your 
Application for you.
Please contact the Florida notary division website to learn more about notary information in 
that state and get their Florida Notary Manual / Florida Notary Handbook.
To get a Florida notary commission you must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of 
Florida.  You need to submit a Florida notary commission application and take a three hour 
government approved course. Please visit the Florida Notary Bond page for more information 
about applying and finding a bonding company to help you with the process.		

There is a $39 fee to apply to become a Florida Notary Public.  Your Florida Notary Application 
is submitted ELECTRONICALLY and in paper format to the Department of State.  If you are approved 
by the Governer's office, your Florida Notary Commission should be issued within several days.  
The actual commission paperwork will be mailed to your bonding company and then forwarded to 
you along with your Florida Notary Seal.   Its a good practice to keep a copy of your 
application in your records after you mail the Florida Notary Application in. 
Currently, its a requirement for all first time applicants to take and complete a three hour 
Florida Notary education course by an approved provider.  This education must be completed 
within one year prior to your notary application in Florida. The course will cover issues 
relating to standard Florida Notary Public duties as well as topics relating to electonic 
notarizations. Please visit
to see a list of bonding agencies and a list of approved education providers.
The required education is offered electoronically, and a timer will keep track of how long you 
spent reading the educational materials.   Each section other than the electronic notary section has 
practice questions which the prospective Florida notary is expected to answer.  Once you 
are done, then you may print your certificate.
The Governor issues a reference manual for notaries.  This is what you could refer to as a 
Florida Notary Handbook. Its available on the governor's site in the notary section in PDF format.  
Topics covered include:  What is a notary public, qualifications and requirements for appointment, 
appointment and commission, application process, renewal, amended commission, change of address, 
registration, jurisdiction, surety bond, Florida notary seal, Florida notary fees, notary acts, 
attesting to photocopies, conducting marriages, verifying VIN numbers, certifying contents of safe 
deposit boxes, prohibited acts, and notaries in special job positions.
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