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Florida Notary Fees and FAQ Information
FL Notary Public Fees
The fee of a notary public may not exceed $10 for any one notarial act,
except as provided in s. 117.045. A notary public may not charge a fee
for witnessing an absentee ballot in an election, and must witness such
a ballot upon the request of an elector, provided the notarial act is in
accordance with the provisions of this chapter. As Florida Notaries can
perform marriages. A Florida notary public is authorized to
solemnize the rites of matrimony. For solemnizing the rites of matrimony,
the fee of a notary public may not exceed those provided by law to the
clerks of the circuit court for like services.					

FAQ information - Florida notary questions and answers
Q. Where can I read about Florida notary acknowledgments?
A. Please visit this state's notary division page by clicking on the link 
on this page entitled "state notary division contact page "
Q. How can I find traveling or mobile notary jobs in Florida
A.  The best way to get mobile notary jobs is to advertise on internet 
directories such as 123notary as well as online and offline yellow pages.  

Q. Where can I find a thorough Florida notary directory?
A.  If you want to find mobile notaries, our site is a very effective 
directory for notaries in any state.  If you are looking for a list of 
all notaries public in the entire state, please visit our "state notary 
division contact page", and contact the Florida notary division to find 
out if they will furnish you with a list of all notaries in the state.  
Many states will sell you a list for a small fee.
Q. Where can I find a choice of Florida notary seminars?
A.  www.becomeanotary.us has good materials and reference materials for 
becoming a notary in many states.  You can find notary law primers and 
handbooks for most states there.
Q.  Is there a Florida notary association? How could such an organization 
help me?
A.  For your needs as a notary public, you need an organization that can 
help you become a notary, get supplies, and market your mobile notary 
and signing agent services.  The National Notary Association is a 
fantastic source for information to help you become a notary in any 
state and for notary supplies.  123notary.com is a great place to help 
you market your mobile notary services and signing agent services.
Q.  Where can I find a Florida title agent?
There are title agents that you can find using online yellow pages.

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