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68 Roundtree Blvd San Rafael, CA 94903

Terrie is the absolute best ever! She is exceptionally thorough, professional, personable, and indeed the detail QUEEN. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her Notary services.

Robin Bruno on 17/06/2022 10:13:30 AM

I own a mortgage company & call Terrie for loan document signings. She''s very organized, detail oriented & efficient. Great service at a fair price. She''s the best.

Alan Sazman on 17/09/2021 12:45:37 PM

I've worked with Terrie over the past 16 months on countless document notarization/apostille requests. Terrie is always on-time, professional and highly efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend Terrie to anyone looking for document legalization services!

David Hatch on 15/06/2021 02:54:33 PM

Terrie is wonderful to work with, someone you can rely upon to get the job done right.

Kathy Cross on 07/10/2019 08:20:09 AM

We have hired Terrie for over 100 estate plan signings. She is without a doubt the most professional, prompt, and responsive notary we have worked with in Marin. In fact, she is the only notary we work with in Marin County because we know she will be on time, courteous to our clients, and professional during the signing appointments. We recommend that any individual or company that needs notary services or apostille services, call or e-mail Terrie.

Emily Wirowek on 21/09/2018 02:50:00 PM

Terrie has been with ATS Document Service since 2010 and she is always our first choice for all of our orders in her coverage area. We know that when Terrie is handling an assignment for us, it will be carried out error free and with the utmost professionalism. We are always proud to have Terrie representing ATS and our clients.

Jeri Wolfe on 13/07/2018 11:34:36 AM

Terrie got 100% on our notary questions.

Jeremy Belmont on 26/08/2017 11:51:04 AM

Terrie is one of our favorite Signing Agents. She does a phenomenal job and always keeps us in the loop. We have have complete confidence in her professionalism and expertise.

Mike J on 23/08/2016 03:48:23 PM

Terrie is simply the best notary I have ever used. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 15 years, and have used dozens (or more) notaries for loan document signings.

So often, I have to hover near my phone during a signing appointment waiting for the inevitable call from the client or notary signing my client because they don't know what to do, haven't thoroughly read instructions, can't explain things properly...not only does this frustrate clients, but it makes me look bad.

Not only have I never had these issues with Terrie handling our signings, I actually get clients calling me (the next day) to say how wonderful the process was. In fact, I have received referrals because our clients LOVE working with Terrie and can't wait to do another loan with us!

Terrie is really my only choice for a notary...I have clients sign with her instead of signing at title companies with their escrow officer because I know that there won't be any mistakes made.

There are not enough stars to give Terrie a rave review, she deserves hundreds. My only complaint about Terrie is that I can't clone her and have her do signings in multiple cities at the same time!

Danielle Kesterson on 08/01/2016 04:34:17 PM

Terrie is a spectacular notary. She is not only highly experienced and professional but she also has a great personality and puts clients at ease during their transactions. I am confident that everything will go smoothly when we send Terrie to a signing.

Stefani Herr on 11/11/2014 05:50:34 PM

Terrie Gillett is everything you would want in a notary. Professional, intelligent, has great communication and attention to detail with the ability to think outside the box. She leaves your borrowers happy and informed and you looking like a superstar for hiring her. If you want the job done right the first time, call Terrie Gillett.

Josh Bruno on 23/09/2014 04:31:37 PM

Terrie Gillett with Notary San Rafael has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has made herself available on a moment's notice and puts every one of our customers at ease with her compassionate and professional demeanor. Our business is such that we work with families who are processing significant grief; in fact, for many, we are seeing them on the worst day of their life. We are very conscious about who we work with, knowing that they are an extension of our service to a family. Terrie is perfect at what she does, coming along side every one of our directors to meet the family's needs with tact and sensitivity. We deeply appreciate her work and feel more than confident referring her to every family we serve.

David Madden on 22/07/2014 05:28:22 PM

Ms terrie gillett arrived on time to the Hospital. She was professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and genuine. She did an excellent job of explaining the process with patience and confidence!! Will use again and recommend to friends and family. Thank you, Terrie!!

k.s. robinson-jones on 17/07/2014 03:34:43 PM

I am a family law attorney and Terrie comes to my office a couple of times per month to notarize documents. Terrie is always incredibly professional - from her attire to her demeanor. She has a "calming" quality which my clients like. Terrie is very accommodating with her schedule and is always on time. Terrie pays tremendous attention to detail, and I know she does the job right. I highly recommend Terrie Gillett.

Christina Sherman on 03/07/2014 01:29:44 PM

I worked with Terri Gillett on a notary service in one of the prisons. She was very helpful in setting up the notary meeting, obtaining the documents and assisting in many other ways. I would highly recommend her to others. She is very professional and detailed in her work.

Donna Weisse on 06/02/2014 02:41:23 PM

We were in need of a patient and knowledgeable notary who could handle an extremely analytical type client. The signing service referred Terrie. The communication with Terrie was prompt, pleasant and, most importantly professional. Our signed docs came back complete and in good order. I wouldn't hesitate to use Terrie again and/or recommend her services to others in her area.

Wendy E. on 28/01/2013 02:25:54 PM

Terrie was on time, patient, professional and helped us work through our issues. I recommend her.

Mary Seymour on 27/12/2012 09:50:17 PM

Terrie knows what she is doing. We all ADORE working with her!! Five Stars from NPN!

Ginger Auletta-Okun on 11/10/2012 03:07:47 PM

I am an estate planning and elder law attorney. I refer all of my clients to Terrie. She is always very responsive, flexible, patient, courteous and professional. I highly recommend her.

Richard Brouillet on 09/10/2012 11:57:51 AM

It has been very interesting to watch Terrie Gillett grow and mature as an accomplished loan doc signing agent. She has come a very long way from where I first had her shadow me at a loan doc signing more than two years ago and her ability to learn and adapt to situations is essential and she does this rather well.

Terrie is often our "First Call" for any signings in her immediate vicinity. She has learned her craft so well that it is not difficult to retain her services unless it is days in advance due to the high demand for her services she has created for herself. this can only come with a high level of proficiency as a signing agent.

In short, she is a damn good signing agent.

Howard Blum, Owner
Pro Mobile Notary
Novato, CA

Howard Blum on 29/08/2012 03:46:04 PM

Terrie conducted a series of purchase transactions involving the same seller over a 6 month period. She had no problem absorbing the particulars of each deal quickly. Also, Terrie was able to get all critical documents faxed back in a timely manner after the signings were complete. Furthermore, she established a good rapport with the seller. Overall, I would say that Terrie did an excellent job and would definitely work with her again.

John Kulik on 29/08/2012 10:04:02 AM

100% Certified Fresh
Terrie completed a closing for me in Marin County and she astounded me with her attention to detail and responsiveness via phone, email and sms. She went above, beyond and transcended the call of duty with detailed updates every step of the way. My borrowers were very happy with her work. If you want a savvy, cheerful and fairly priced notary then look no further!

Eli A on 19/08/2011 12:24:39 AM


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