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Washington Notary Fees, Application, and Commission Information
Washington Notary Fees
Acknowledgments $10.00
Jurats $10.00
Oaths & Affirmations $10.00
Protests $10.00 plus $10,00 for being present upon demand, tender or deposit.
Certifying an Affidavit $10.00
Witnessing a Signature $10.00
Become a Washington Notary Public Requirements You must be at least eighteen years old and either reside, be employed within, or conduct a business within the state of Washington. The term of office is four years. You must be able to read and write English. You must obtain and submit a $10,000 surety bond from an insurance or bonding company. Please fill out a Washington Notary Application and submit it with a $30 fee and your bond to: Notaries Public Unit Department of Licensing PO Box 9048 Olympia, WA 98507-9048 360-664-1550 You are required to get a stamp and/or seal once appointed ( commissioned ). You can get a stamp or seal from a stationary store, or look up a manufacturer on the internet or in the yellow pages. Liberty stamp is a very good stamp manufacturer in Oregon which makes stamps for many different states including Washington and Oregon notaries. It is optional, but recommended to keep a notary journal and keep a record of all notary acts in sequential order in a bound register or journal. It would be seen as a conflict of interest to notarize for a close family member. You can not notarize your own signature either. You must use your seal or stamp on all certificate sections of every document that you notarize. If you leave a current job where your employer paid for your commission, the commission still belongs to you and you are the exclusive custodian of your stamp or seal and journal. However, the employer may decide to cancel your notary bond which would require you to contact the Washington notary public unit to see what to do. WA - Other Information of Interest Washington has an interesting law about using middle initials in a notary seal. The law requires at a minimum, your first initial, middle initial, and complete last name. Below is the official state verbiage: The law requires your seal/stamp to include your last name, and at least the initials of your first and middle names. You must sign your documents the same as your seal/stamp and certificates. For more information, see RCW 42.44.050. Another interesting fact is that a Washington notary may notarize their spouse's signature. Here is a brief question and answer on the subject. Can I notarize my relative's or spouse's signature? Yes, a notary is only disqualified from notarizing their own signature. However, notarizing a relative's or spouse's signature may be seen as a conflict of interest.
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