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Tip: Be on top of your skills

Be a smart-notary - be on top of all of your skills
Getting ahead in the notary business is all about skills, but the exact skill-set you need is not well understood. You need good notary clerical skills so you will appear knowledgable and not get yourself into trouble. You need good general business saavy also. Signing agent knowledge is critical or you will come across as ignorant. Personal skills are also really important. If you know how to get along with people and be flexible and responsive, you will win the game. And last: dress for success. People are much more shallow than you think and assess you by how you appear. Wear nice professional looking clothes, keep your hair nicely maintained, and try to smell nice too, and the word will spread about it. To summarize, you need to have good: notary, signing, business, personal, and grooming skills, and you will most likely get ahead in this business!

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