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Notary Public or Notary Private?

Notary Public or Notary Private? Why the word public?
A Notary Public is a servant of the public. They must accept any notary public work given to them and may charge the maximum that their state authorizes. If you need a document notarized, please consult the internet to find out what your state allows public notaries to charge.

There are some odd exceptions to the rule. Employee notaries are regular notaries who's boss paid for their commission, seal, journal, and other fees. They can only notarize for those who their employer authorizes them to. Their boss may inspect their journal whenever they want to also. Public employee notaries can perform Notary Public work at their post, but might not be authorized to take their seal and journal home to do moonlighting work with it. Then there are military base notaries who may only notarize on the base. So a Notary Public is not necessarily as public as the name suggests. However, most Public Notaries have their commission at their own expense and can assist anyone to get their documents notarized. The Notaries on 123notary.com are a special breed of Public Notaries who are called mobile Notaries. Public Notaries listed on 123notary.com generally travel to the client and charge a reasonable travel fee plus a charge per signature. A typical Public Notary on 123notary.com is also usually capable of assisting borrowers get notarized during loan document signings.

The other irony about the Notary Public profession is that a Notary's business is controlled by themselves, although under the jurisdiction of state laws. Most notaries get their own commission on their own and can work on their own without supervision. With the name Public in the title, you would assume that you would need to visit some sort of government office or other public office to obtain the services of a Notary Public. There is nothing further from the truth.