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Incorrect terms - notary123, noterary, and notary republic 

Many people do not know the correct term for a Notary Public. People will call and ask if you are a Notary Republic, or a noterary. They pronounce every syllable slowly sometimes. A republic is a country, so a Notary republic would be a country ruled by Notaries ( cool ). You would need a notarized affidavit just to be authorized to have your breakfast coffee in such a country. Others ask if they can speak to a noterary. They add an extra syllable. My Chinese clients in California never made this mistake, they simply asked for a "Gong-Zheng" and I knew exactly what they wanted.

Some people refer to a Notary as a Public Notary which is less common, but gramatically seems to make sense since in English, the adjective normally precedes the noun. I believe that the term Notary Public has the two words in that particular order due to its Latin roots where the adjective follows the noun.

Also, many people can not spell our site's name correctly. It is not notary 123, nor is it notary123, or notary123.com, its 123notary.com.

So, whether you want a Notary, notary123, a Public Notary, a private Notary, a noterary, a notary republic, or a republic of notaries who make it a practice to emboss their breakfast toast, please visit
http://www.123notary.com/find-a-notary-public.asp?state=CA&state2=California to find a mobile notary in California
Please visit http://www.123notary.com/notary-search.asp to find a mobile notary in any part of the USA
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