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We were in the best of hands! Jim was an absolute pleasure to work with. Fastest closing I''ve ever been part of.

Toni Grimes on 04/10/2021 06:32:32 PM

We had a wonderful experience with James during our refinancing/closing. Not only was he efficient, he also was extremely knowledgeable and was happy to explain any observations we had in great detail. If there was an ability to give him a 5 star rating we would!

Ross and Hilary Houston

Hilary Houston on 05/03/2021 10:26:35 AM

Thank you for the excellent service for my real estate transaction today. It was a pleasure to meet you. The signing of the documents went by quickly and without a hitch. Thank you for the professional attitude and attention to the details to ensure the document package was complete and error free. I am pleased to recommend you to anyone who needs a notary for a real estate transaction.

Roy Vigneulle on 04/03/2019 06:19:47 AM

James passed the 123notary Recertification Test on July 13, 2017.

Jeremy Belmont on 13/07/2017 11:26:16 AM

I feel confident recommending Mr. Benton for Notary services. In helping us with our loan documents, he was professional, courteous, and thorough. He called us the day before to verify our meeting and arrived on time. He went through all the necessary material and answered all of our questions without making us feel rushed.

Erin Meitzler on 07/07/2017 01:55:24 PM

James came to our house in the late afternoon to complete the closing for our refinance. The process was seamless, quick and painless. Very professional and courteous and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Dan Gordon on 19/04/2017 02:23:20 PM

James was very patient and he explain every paper we signed. He made the whole process of closing very simple.
Thank you for doing outstanding Job.

Sandip M Sharma

Sandip Sharma on 10/02/2017 02:11:41 PM

Mr Benton was on time, courteous, professional, and very efficient.

Highly recommend his notary services.

Marilyn Brew on 09/01/2017 03:49:18 PM

Mr. Benton arrived promptly and was dressed professionally. He was prepared with all documents, they were arranged logically, and we moved through them in a timely manner. Mr. Benton was knowledgeable and able to answer any question we had. We recommend Mr. Benton and would be happy to have him help us in the future.

Judy Jupin on 13/12/2016 02:19:55 PM

Jim was sent to us when we refinanced our home mortgage; he was a pleasure to deal with. He called to confirm the appointment and tell us what to expect, I returned the call to explain how to get to our house and he answered any questions I had. He was on time and fully prepared with everything we needed to complete the loan process.

Kelly Spore on 03/10/2016 02:01:29 PM

JAmes Benton arrived on time and we were pleasantly surprised at his expertise. He explained all forms simply and thoroughly before asking us to sign. That put us at ease as we purchased our final home. He is professional and knowledgable with lots of experience. We are moving out of state but Mr. Benson was able to interpret unique paperwork needed in FL. We would recommend him to others.

William Moore on 26/08/2016 06:51:02 PM

Mr. Benton was very helpful in guiding us through the refinancing document closing process by clearly explaining and summarizing the content of each document. He was patient with us as we reviewed each document prior to signing. He was professional and pleasant to work with; thus I would recommend him to others to provide similar services.

Hans RAABE on 17/07/2016 06:14:57 AM

Jim was very professional, explained everything concisely, answered all my questions very well, and didn't waste my time. He has obviously been doing this successfully for many years. My wife and I have closed on seven loans and Jim was the best notary we have ever had the pleasure of working with - highly recommend.

Al Gwizdala on 01/06/2016 12:39:32 PM

James Benton was punctual, professional, and courteous. He explained the documents thoroughly and treated us in a respectful manner. He came to our home and was kind and dressed appropriately in business attire which is what we expect in a notary. The signing of the papers was simply painless and he was well prepared to explain all the documents and answer any questions we had. It didn't take a lot of our time which was important to us after a very long day at work. We would recommend James Benton for services and would use his services again.

Windell Hutchinson on 08/05/2016 01:19:55 PM

Jim did a wonderful job for our re-fi closing on 4-4-16. He was prompt, professional, pleasant, and very experienced in the lending field. As a paralegal, I especially appreciated his attention to detail, accuracy and knowledge base. I would use him again without hesitation.

Jo Anne Calandrelle on 04/04/2016 05:24:40 PM

Jim was on time to our appointment, showed professionalism, courtesy and knowledge. we recommend his services.

ken ricker on 03/04/2016 09:53:02 AM

Mr. Benton was very knowledgeable and professional. His many years of experience are evident because he was thorough and explained all the paperwork so we understood what we were signing. The settlement company hired him to come to our home so we could sign our refinancing documents. I would certainly recommend Mr. Benton!

Kris Dunlevy on 31/03/2016 12:16:40 PM

He was very professional and thorough.

David Aigner on 30/03/2016 09:27:54 AM

James Benton was on time, professional and expertly navigated our re-finance loan documents. I highly recommend him as someone that is knowledgeable, thorough and respectful of our time.

Laurie Odelius on 25/03/2016 02:52:23 PM

James did a great job helping us refinance. The process was quick, but James took the time to go over the paperwork and answer all of our questions. Plus he was on time for our appointment and acted in a very respectful manner to our home and family. Thank you James! And please pass along our gratitude to your son, we appreciate his service to our country.

Pat Goodwin on 04/03/2016 04:00:29 PM

James did a great job. Quick and explained all items well.

Mark Bargas on 02/03/2016 05:46:23 PM

James was very good and went out of his way to meet me at a convienient location for me. He changed our original meeting location on the spot unexpectedly so I could return to work. He was very organized and efficient. Thank you for all your help.

Joe Thompson on 16/02/2016 03:04:32 PM

Mr. James Benton was very professional and we great to work with. He was one time, well dressed and was prepared with all the proper documentation. He explained exactly what I was signing and I felt very comfortable signing all the documents. I would highly recommend Mr. James Benton to anyone needed his services.

Wesley Hogg on 11/02/2016 06:26:23 PM

Mr. Benton called us couple of days before the closing and scheduled the closing for our convenience. He came to our house on time for closing and explained everything very clearly before signing on each paper. So we know what we are signing and what will be the impact before signing on each document.

We had kids running around and he was very nice to our kids and we are so happy and thankful to Mr. Betnon.

Joyal Jose on 25/11/2015 12:38:02 PM

Mr. Benton arrived on time, was dressed professionally and was extremely courteous. He explained each step of the process with clarity and precision, obviously knowledgeable about financing and refinancing home mortgage loans. He answered our questions clearly and dispelled any confusion. He was focused on the job and did not waste time. I would recommend Mr. Benton without hesitation.

Elizabeth Stiffler on 21/11/2015 05:22:38 PM

We found Mr. Benton to be very professional

James Coffman on 17/11/2015 10:27:25 AM

James Benton is the consummate pro who deftly guided us through a pile of papers that could have otherwise have been a disaster, He has an incredible background and a most engaging personality. We would put our faith in him under any circumstance. JT

John Truesdell on 21/10/2015 09:18:46 AM


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