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3585 Cour De Charles San Jose, CA 95148

After having a horrible experience with our first notary for our real estate documents, we were looking for another notary who actually knows what he/she is doing and has knowledge

I found Cheryl on this website and gave her call. She answered immediately and was able to provide the earliest time she could be available. Then, something came up and she had to reschedule her appointment, so she messaged promptly requesting to reschedule. Since I needed the documents notarized urgently, I agreed to meet her at a location close to her.

She met me at the mutually agreed location exactly on time that we decided. Even though she had a bad day, she was pleasant and notarized the documents as needed. Cheryl demonstrated that she is knowledgable and reliable.

I would highly recommend Cheryl and will definitely be using her services in the future!

Devanshi Dave on 06/07/2018 02:08:18 PM

Cheryl was very courteous and professional and knowledgeable and very prepared!! Cheryl made the whole signing experience enjoyable if you can believe that!! I would recommend her for any notary services!! She is definitely a true asset to the profession👍 Thanks again Cheryl🤗

James Eckstein on 25/05/2017 07:25:09 PM

Cheryl is such a kind and friendly person. She is professional and walk through important details that makes the process easier. I would highly recommend her works.

Michael Lin on 11/05/2017 07:08:19 PM

Signed docs for two real estate purchases this week and Cheryl was our notary for both of the signings. She was on time, very courteous and professional and most importantly, very prepared for our signings. The out of state title company sent Cheryl the docs directly and Cheryl was nice enough to prepare the docs before arriving saving us a substantial amount of time. My wife and I fully endorse Cheryl for real estate signings / notary needs and we hope to have her come back next summer for a few more purchases.

David Silveira on 03/12/2016 11:04:12 AM

Cheryl was right on time for our appointment. She was friendly, courteous and very professional. She lead me very patiently through the whole process of signing all the documents required for the closing of the home I bought in Ohio. I would highly recommend her as a very reliable notary.

Kathy Yaschan on 23/11/2016 08:22:34 PM

Cheryl was very professional, knowledgeable and courteous. Finding an affordable notary, that would come to us was a major convenience. She waited for us to get witnesses for the documents that she was notarizing. Her price was very reasonable. We will hire her again when we need a Notary.

Sally Palecek on 16/11/2016 08:41:34 AM

Cheryl does a great job. She is very professional and has great attention to detail. She is pleasant to work with, prompt and looks after the needs of the customer. We've worked with Cheryl on many occasions and are very satisfied with her service. We would recommend Cheryl to anyone looking for great, reliable mobile notary services.

Robert Bardsley on 15/11/2016 08:24:00 AM

Cheryl is an Ultimate Professional!!! I had a refinance signing and called Cheryl Staat to be my notary. She was extremely knowledgable and very professional. She explained all the documents very thouroghly, which made the experience very easy as I was dreading it because there is so much paperwork.
I will call Cheryl again as I have more properties being refinaced as well. Her timeliness and prfessionalism made the experience oustaning.

Barry Douglas on 10/11/2016 11:06:42 AM

Cheryl came to my house yesterday to do a signing for me. It was a wonderful experience. I had two huge stacks of paper that needed to be notarized. Cheryl was extremely professional, explained everything along the way. I was grateful for her knowledge. We have the need for a notary at work all the time...Cheryl is now going to be are go to notary of choice!

Susan Wetzel on 10/11/2016 09:59:49 AM

Overall Bad Experience Cheryl Staat, Notary

1. Arrived late
2. Did not introduce herself or show us identification upon her arrival and when I asked, she was rude about having to show it to us.
3. Her entire demeanor was cold and unwelcoming
4. Did not appear organized with the loan documents, which made me uncomfortable.
5. She only gave the us the signature pages to sign did not let us see or review the other pages of the loan package, the wife was a non-borrowing spouse and is in the industry so she reviewed our copy set and helped explain documents to me, not to be confrontational.

Tim Muindi on 03/11/2016 12:42:07 PM

Notary's responses:
1. Arrived late

* True, I arrived at 8:02am the apt. was at 8:00am. I usually call if I am going to be more than 5 min. late. However when I arrived I was met at the door by Mrs. Muindi who (before I stepped onto the entry) said "I am leaving before my husband and you need to move your car out of my driveway and go park it on the street". No hello or would you mind? or introduction of any kind. I was somewhat surprised by the way she instructed me but it was a reasonable request so I said "Ok, no problem, I'll be right back" There were already cars parked in front of their house and one in the driveway. So I returned to my car and parked down the street in front of their neighbors house and came back.

2. Did not introduce herself or show us identification upon her arrival and when I asked, she was rude about having to show it to us.

* Not true, I did introduce myself and shook his hand. His wife asked to see my ID (not him), which I took out and placed on the table so they both could see. He did not look at it, she glanced in the direction of the ID an just said "Thank You".

I was a little surprised by their request, but did not object. They did not even look at the ID and this seemed odd to me since I am going through Cancer treatment and have lost all of my hair and have to wear a wig, I look very different than the picture on the ID. But asking for my ID seemed like more of a formality than a real interest in identifying who I was.

I was then informed by Mrs. Muindi that she had an appointment to go to that she needed to be there by 9:00am. I responded that I would do the signing as quickly as possible and that if they had any questions to be sure to ask.

3. Her entire demeanor was cold and unwelcoming

* Not true, however I was faced with getting through the 207 pages of two loans in less than 1 hour so that Mrs Muindi could make her other apt. I explained that I would try and get through the docs as quickly as possible and that if they had any questions to be sure to ask. Normally I would take more time and include more communication however they made it clear that time was their first priority based on the fact that Mrs Muindi had another apt. scheduled at 9:00am.

4. Did not appear organized with the loan documents, which made me uncomfortable.

* These loan docs were the same as any of the thousands of docs I have presented in the past. Not sure why he/she would say this.

5. She only gave the us the signature pages to sign did not let us see or review the other pages of the loan package (1) the wife was a non-borrowing spouse and is in the industry so she reviewed our copy set and helped explain documents to me, not to be confrontational.(2)

1) This is partially true, based on "their" first priority of time because of her appointment at 9:00am. I told them the name of each document and presented them with the signature page. I briefly explained the important information with the exception of the Closing Disclosure, Note and Deed of Trust which I provided in full and explained or pointed out the important information such as; the amount of the loan on the note and the interest rate, the way they were holding title on the Deed of Trust each page required their initials, and that there was money due at closing as indicated on the Closing Disclosure, which they did not have and when asked about it said "it is being rolled into the loan".

2) At one point she did pick up their copy of the documents and whisper something to her husband. I did not ask what they were whispering about. I assumed if they had a question they would ask me as I had requested they do more than once.

Additional Information:

At the beginning of this signing I asked which direction they wanted the documents presented and Mrs Muindi answered me and said give them to him first. So we started the signing and once she had signed, she was turning docs over and putting them in a pile next to her. I asked her to return them to me full circle so that I could keep the docs in order since there would be some documents that were for the closer to sign and would not even be presented to them for signature. She completely ignored my request and did not answer me or indicate she had heard me. I asked again after she had signed a few more documents if she would pass the documents to me once she had signed them and without even looking at me she said "No I will put them here, you can reach across the table and get them" (this is a direct quote). I have never been spoken to so rudely in a signing before. I was surprised by her comment but just continued on with the signing and had to reach across the table each time to retrieve the docs and try to keep things in order and keep the signing moving, so that she could be on time for her apt. (which she was not since we did not finish until 9:15).

I was uncomfortable before I even entered the house because of Mrs Muindi's rudeness, and had the feeling that I was being scrutinized the entire time. But I did the best I could within the constraints I was given. Mr Muindi asked me near the end of the signing if I could hurry up and let his wife finish the signing so she could go and then I could finish with him after she left, I looked at what was left and it was one signature for her and two for him. I told him we were almost done and it would be faster to just continue on the way we were. I had her sign her last documents and then gave her the Notary Journal while he signed his last two docs, so that she could sign and prepare to go to her apt. while he signed and I reviewed the documents.

When I read Mr Muindi's complaint and he said his wife was "in the industry" the light bulb came on and with very little effort I discovered she is a Mobile Notary as well. This confirmed my feeling of being scrutinized during the whole process. I have signed other Notaries before and usually they are up front with that fact and we enjoy some back and forth communication and sharing of experiences etc. However, Mrs. Muindi concealed this fact, which is ok, however she seemed more determined on going through some motions and trying to prove how much she knew about the whole process to her husband, while I was focusing on trying to get through the documents as quickly as possible, based on their priority communicated at the beginning of the appointment. If she is an experienced Mobile Notary she should have known how long a package of this size (207 pages and two separate loans) would take to sign. Her expectation for this process to sign in under one hour was unreasonable. I also think that if time was of the essence, as she said it was. She would not have wasted so much time being uncooperative. My impression was that she was deliberately being rude and uncooperative, her motive was unclear to me at the time.

In summary I suspect that this review was written by Mrs. Muindi and not Mr Muindi based on the fact that some of the things claimed being asked by him were in fact actually asked for by her not him and the line that reads "my wife was a non borrowing spouse" sounds like something a notary would say, not your regular everyday borrower. I'm wondering if the fact that she is in third position on your list of Notaries for San Jose under my First position might help explain why she seemed so intent on trying to prove my service inferior. I stand behind my reputation and this is the first complaint I have ever received in over 10.7 years of being a Mobile Notary, I find the circumstances behind it suspicious to say the least.

Cheryl was the ultimate professional in notarizing estate planning documents for a family member who was extremely ill. She went above and beyond in her professionalism, but even more so in the empathy displayed during the process. Her response in request of her services was extremely prompt and she was very efficient in handling the notarization of all the documents. I would highly recommend Cheryl's services to anyone in need of a professional and proficient notary. Thank you Cheryl!

Cindy Gurgel on 10/06/2015 10:54:23 AM

I rely on Cheryl on a regular basis for notary needs at my law office. Cheryl is punctual, professional and personable. I can always count on her to arrive on time and provide excellent service. I highly recommend her and will continue to seek her services on a consistent basis.

Patrick R. Bartelmie
Attorney at Law

Patrick R. Bartelmie, Esq. on 21/05/2015 02:19:18 PM

Cheryl Staat helped us out last minute on a very stressful mobile closing out of state. Commmunication between title company & Cheryl was excellent. She always kept us posted. When we asked her to scan & email docs to us last minute, she was very cooperative. The parties whom she signed were very comfortable during the closing. I never had to worry . Cheryl is an excellent notary & I will ask for her by name the next time we have a closing in her area. Thank you Cheryl for making this very stressful closing a bit smoother for us. Mira Juric, Escrow Officer.

Mira Juric on 31/10/2014 02:09:20 PM

Cheryl has been one of Notary Public Network's MVP Agents. She is everything you could hope for in a signing agent. Courteous, responsive, reliable and good at what she does. We LOVE Cheryl Staat!!!!!

Ginger Auletta-Okun on 18/10/2012 11:52:58 AM

I am a mobile notary Service & document legalization service in San Francisco.
We cover the entire state of California with our primary clientele in the San Francisco Bay area. We look for professional mobile notaries who can assist us with our document signings outside of San Francisco. Experiences and professionalism are a must. In San Jose we work with Cheryl Staat.
Cheryl is easy to work with and professional. I highly recommend her and have hired her at least 20 times.

She is one of those people that I need not worry.
1. Will she be on time?
2. Will she get the job done correctly?
3. Will she represent my service professionally?
Cheryl get¢s the job done and someone you can trust.
Five out of five star rating.
Glenn Turner

Glenn Turner on 01/09/2011 03:31:44 PM

Cheryl is simply the best. I have hired her for my notary needs now for about 4 years. She is always on time, and even comes to my house free of is that for excellent customer service. Look no further, Cheryl is your notary for life.

Gary Brown

gary brown on 09/06/2011 01:59:20 PM

Cheryl goes well above and beyond expected services. She was able to meet my request for meeting time, was early, and prepared. When it was evident there were going to be issues with printing the documents, she offered to print them our, review the, tag the signature pages and return at my convenience the next morning, which she did, early and prepared again. She reviewed all the documents (some 80 pages) with me to check that eveything was initialed and signed. Although there were only 3 signatures to be notorized, she was extremely helpful in making sure paperwork was in order and document completely ready to be processed. She also dropped the package at Fed Ex. She will always be my notary of choice.

Pat Carson on 25/05/2010 08:32:34 AM


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