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8115 109th Place North Champlin, MN 55316

I mailed Mark some documents to get notarized in a land sale transaction. He kept me informed about when the signing would happen (as requested) and took care of everything promptly. His fee was fair and I would definitely use his services again.

Jeff Schaefer on 7/29/2019 11:43:14 AM

Very pleased with his service. Needed a notary last minute, and he juggled his schedule to accommodate. He is very professional and efficient. I would highly recommend him.

William Sawyer on 9/17/2017 12:36:24 AM

I am a loan officer who works for Secure Lending Incorporated. I had an appointment(which was scheduled 4 days in advance), to do a signing for a client on Friday 7-29, at 2:00 P.M. The night of the signing, I received an email from my client stating the notary (Mark Pehlke), never called or showed up for the appointment. Please note this was an email (which I have) that was sent from my client at 9:00 P.M(the signing was at 2). When I called Mr. Pehlke to ask about what happened with the signing, he simply responded saying "I don't know and that it was an oversight," he then proceeded to hang up on me. Never in my career as a loan officer have I ever come across a notary that conducts themselves in this manner. Mr.Pehlke never called the client, nor addressed or took blame for the issue, and also never even reached out to me in regards to the situation. Once I did reach out to him he simply made an excuse and hung up on me. Please note that he was registered for this signing about 4 days before the signing date. Hopefully, the client will still want to proceed with the loan; however, I will not be asking for the assistance of Mr. Pehlke ever again. To whoever works for his company, I hope this is not the same way the other notaries conduct themselves, it's horrible for business and for future clients.

Daniel Sindell on 7/29/2016 9:49:55 PM

Mark handled my warranty deed signing needs on time, professionally, and with great communication. I would not hesitate to use him again in the future.

Larry Overstreet on 2/28/2016 2:02:31 PM

Mark left my clients very frustrated and about cost them their loan. The first time he showed up to sign them, he was thirty minutes late. Then he lied to the title company about when he dropped off the originals at the overnight carrier. He ignored explicit directions and delayed the package by two days and missed several important documents that my clients were to sign.

After finding out that the package wasn’t at the overnight carrier, the title company arranged to have Mark go out to resign my clients. He agreed, but again showed up thirty minutes late and gave my clients someone else’s loan documents to sign.

My clients were extremely stressed during the entire process and the title company had to jump through hoops to correct Mark’s mistakes in order to complete the transaction.

I’ve reached out to contact Mark six times in the last eight days asking him for clarification or to revise his invoice and lower his fee, since he provided such poor service to my clients. I have had zero luck.

I advise you not to use Mark Pehlke as a notary, if you have any important deadline to meet or sensitive information among documents. The notary service (123Notary) is just a third party and won’t be able to correct any mistakes made by the notary, so if you can’t get the notary to work with you or respond, you’re out of luck.

Michalina Armulowicz on 2/4/2016 9:10:20 AM

Notary's responses:
In regards to that closing with Texas Title. I was only 15 minutes behind schedule and I contacted the borrower to inform them I was running late. I did not falsify dropping off docs, I had missed the deadline by a few minutes to get delivered the next day and therefore the docs did not get back to them in time which clearly was my fault. I did not realize until it was too late that this was UPS and the rest of the files I had were FedEx, for which I thought this was FedEx too. That is why I missed the deadline to drop off.

The bank official for US Bank was sitting right next to me and looked at all the docs that needed to be signed at the request of the customer, and they signed all the documents that were supplied. So I am not sure what they are referring to that I missed documents.

In regards to her trying to contact me several times over the past 8 days about reducing my fee is true, but she failed to mention that because the package was late that it needed to be re-signed. She stated it had to be done immediately and therefore I accommodated her to get that done. I had to cancel a closing that had already been scheduled and we agreed to do this at my expense. After the fact she keeps coming back to have me reduce my fee down again. I would be careful if you ever get hired by Texas Title that your fee might be lower than you think, and I am still waiting to get paid.

Outstanding notary. We have worked with Mark on many occasions and not only is he an outstanding notary he is just so darned pleasant to work with too.

Brenda Merritt on 7/1/2013 11:51:20 AM


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