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3353 Pebble Beach Drive Dallas, TX 75234

I have used Glenda Baugh for notary services on multiple occasions. I would never have used her more than once had she been anything but professional.

Have your documents in order and ready for her, and you will find her services to be of the highest quality.

Bob Altom on 1/29/2014 11:09:27 AM

I have never had such rude treatment at the hands of a person that I paid to do a job. I called Mrs Baugh to ask her if she would travel to my location to notarize a statement for me. She agreed to do this the next day between 11:00 and 11:30 am, which would give time for the parties that were needing the statement notarized time to draw up the statement.We agreed on a price of $30.00.

Mrs Baugh showed up ahead of schedule at 8:50, and rudely started demanding to get on with the signing. she was rude to the people in the office, and rude to me, she caught everyone off guard with her attitude, and while the management of the company that I was getting the paperwork from was courteous, and worked with me to accommodate my need, this event surely caused damage in the relationship between them and myself.

Mrs Baugh was condescending and obnoxious in her demeanor, she scoffed at people who entered the business for their own reasons,and she obstructed people in the business from carrying out their duties to their customers by dominating the reception area with her self importance.

She acted in a snobbish manner, with no regard for others.

It is my understanding that her husband was in hospital,and the reason that we made the appointment for after 11:00 was also to accommodate her desire to visit her husband
beforehand. When she showed up early, she lied to the staff at the business, telling them that she was scheduled for 9 AM., a lie which she contradicted a few minutes later in the presence of one of the business employees. She tried to make me look like the offending party, and took no responsibility for her rude and callous actions.

If I had not absolutely needed these documents done at that time, I would have dismissed her immediately without pay.

It is my hope that this woman will either have her commission revoked, or resign it, as she does not deserve the title or station of a public servant. She is a disgrace to the county of Dallas

Aisha Rocher on 10/1/2013 10:54:53 AM

Notary's responses:
I am absolutely devastated at this complaint issued against me. First of all, it is not true. Aisha Rocher called me and asked if I could notarize a document for her at Crossland Extended Stay. I asked if she had the document and how many pages and notarizations were needed. She said just one was needed. I agreed to travel to the place requested for a fee of $30.00. I did inform Aisha that my husband was in the hospital and my time was limited. It was hard for me to confirm an exact time. I called her back and asked if I could come early so I could get to the hospital. She said that would be fine.

When I arrived, it turns out that she did not have a document but needed the cashier to type a paper stating that this was her residence. Aisha needed a notarization claiming a permanent address for employment she was seeking. The cashier would not make this statement. Aisha was upset and said she had paid for one month’s rent so she did live there. The cashier said her boss was due in shortly and she would be the one to prepare the form.

I said again that I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible. I was told it would not be long. The manager came in and was told what was needed and she agreed to type some kind of statement after much conversation, but she had other things she had to do first. I did explain my time frame was limited and I needed to get to the hospital.

I should have left but I could tell Aisha needed my services and I waited. No one was ugly about anything. No one raised their voice or tried to intimidate anyone other than Aisha trying to convince the employees that Crossland Extended Stay was her "permanent legal address". Her driver’s license showed her address as Billings, Montana.

I have been working with the public since 1959. I would never intentionally insult anyone. I talked to people that came in to make payments as in "hello". The words “self-importance”, “snobbish”, “dominating”. What is this?

I cannot believe that I wasted my valuable time trying to help Aisha Rocher because I could tell she had a problem. Apparently she was not able to acquire the position she was applying for or something else happened in her life but whatever it was I deserve an apology from this woman.


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