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Loan Signing Courses » Loan Signing Courses Descriptions

Loan Signing Courses Descriptions


The full loan signing course. Issues include:

  • Understanding all of the important documents. 14 Documents are discussed including the note, deed of trust, right to cancel, settlement statement, truth in lending, W-9, Request for copy or transcript of tax form, the uniform residential loan application, occupancy affidavit, the good faith estimate, signature affidavit, statement of information grant deeds, and the identity statement. These documents were chosen because of either their importance, the amount of confusion and questions they generate, or the frequency that borrowers can't figure out where to sign them. Most other documents in the loan packages will not be discussed because they are either 1. Too difficult to explain properly unless you are the escrow officer or lender working on that particular loan. 2. Self explanatory. Or 3. Not very critical documents. The documents not discussed generally don't generate many questions.
  • Notary procedures for special circumstances: Credible Witnesses, Powers of Attorney, Trustees, Sworn Oaths, notaries requiring additional Acknowledgment Forms, signing by X, and Document preparation.
  • Basic Loan Signing Procedures from A to Z.
  • How to successfully market yourself to signing companies.
  • All other procedures necessary to loan signing, such as: communications, record keeping, efficient ways to schedule jobs, what you should charge, etc.
  • Marketing your mobile notary and loan signing business. Every single effective way to market your mobile notary / loan signing business is discussed in detail here. Topics include:
    • Sample price lists for every kind of notary and loan signing job including regular loan signings, signings with pick ups and drop offs, signings with laser printed docs, and much more.
    • How to get ahead by working for signing companies.
    • How to get hired by high paying title companies.
    • How to best advertise on the net.
    • Reviews of many internet notary directories.
    • Starting your own notary web site.
    • The most effective ways to advertise in the yellow pages.
    • Getting fast cash doing notaries for offices, homes, hospitals, and jails.
    • Wording for some commonly notarized documents like - permission to travel, affidavit of citizenship, copies of drivers licenses.
  • Three practice tests for certification with 123Notary.com.
  • Tax information for notaries.
  • How to deal with junk faxes.

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Sample Loan Documents

All of the loan signing combos contains sample loan documents. We have samples of 27+ loan documents, many of which are more than one page long.

Sample documents include:

  • Major Documents - Note, Adjustable Rate Note, Deed of Trust, Settlement Statement, Truth in Lending (TIL) Disclosure Statement, Notice of Right to Cancel, Signature Affidavit and AKA Statement
  • Other Documents - Nearest Living Relative, Form W-9, Form 4506, 1003 Universal Residential Loan Application, Occupancy Affidavit and Financial Status, Statement of Information Confidential Information for Your Protection, Compliance Agreement, Servicing Rights Notice, Grant Deed, Correction Agreement Limited Power of Attorney
  • Documents not discussed in ch. 1 or ch. 2 - Hold Harmless Agreement, Notice of Assignment of Sale of Transfer, Adjustable Rate Rider, Initial Escrow Account Disclosure Statement, Notice to borrower impound escrow account, Address certification, Closing instructions
  • Supplemental Documents - Signature Affidavit and AKA Statement with Notary Wording Section Completed, Practice Journal

We also include many of the other documents that are found in typical loan packages, especially documents that cause confusion to notaries.

The full loan signing course is 86 pages long.

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Sample Course

To help our customers have a detailed idea of what they are purchasing, we designed a sample course. To view your sample course, you view it exactly the same way you would view an e-course purchased by us which is to -

Please visit the homepage of www.123ecourses.com

Please use the following username and password to access your course.

Username - Sample

Password - Sample

Thank you and please do not forget to read the product description of each of our loan signing courses.

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The NEW interactive online workbook contains the following -

The interactive workbook contains:

  • 176 practice questions ( some are multiple choice and some are short answer )
  • 14 essay questions that give immediate feedback.
  • 5 interactive right to cancel drills
  • 2 interactive signature affidavit drills
  • 6 interactive practice loan signings.

Please read below for details about all of the various questions and drills.

Please visit the sample loan signing course at www.123ecourses.com and enter the username "sample" and password "sample". Login, and then visit some of the chapters and especially visit the workbook ( chapter 11 in the sample ). You can try some of the multiple choice, short answer, essay, and real loan doc practice signings to see what a great learning tool our system is to use.

Note: If you purchased an online OR physical version of the course, you will receive an online interactive workbook and a physical course book. Click here for details.

The interactive workbook has 176 multiple and/or short answer questions -
divided into various sections. There is one section for each of the first four chapters of the loan signing course with questions pertinent to each chapter. There are also three practice tests for the certification exam in one section. There are several other sections in the workbook not particular to any particular chapter with more questions.

There are 14 thought provoking essay questions -
with teacher answers available within half a second after you submit your completed essay.

There are 5 right to cancel drills -
each with a very different and challenging scenario. You simply click and drag the right answers from the right of the screen into the blanks on the simulated and virtual right to cancel. The computer will let you know immediately if you made a mistake as soon as you raise your finger from the mouse.

There are 2 signature affidavit drills -
The purpose of these is more to understand how to do the wording in the acknowledgment section of the form. Just click and drag the correct answers.

There are 6 practice loan signings -
Practice 1, and 2 have journal practice which is very important because many new notaries do not know exactly how to fill out their journal in all circumstances. The other ones are practices only for loan documents. You can practice filing them out and putting the initials, signatures, and other information in the right places. Each practice will have a different type of problem or difficulty which you will have to resolve.

This is how the computer gives you immediate feedback and interactive teaching -
After you complete several questions with a multiple choice answer or short answer, you can click on the words "Submit and review" and the computer will immediately tell you what the correct answer was. If it was a short answer, then the computer will show you the short answer that the teacher wrote and you can compare that to what you wrote. If it is the same or almost the same ( making allowances for different styles of verbiage ) then you can consider yourself to have written a correct answer. If there is some substantial difference in the meaning of what you wrote. Then try to remember what you did wrong and try the practice drill again.

On essay questions, you can write your answer of several hundred characters, and then press submit to see what the teacher answer is. If you are close, then you got it right. Otherwise, make a note of what you did wrong and review it periodically.

That's all. Please enjoy your course.

Payment Methods
Online | By Phone | Check | Paypal

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We give the online version instead of the physical version because the online version is superior in quality and we want all to benefit from a better learning experience. If you need a physical version of the workbook ( which is not nearly as good ) we have them in stock and can mail you one FREE if you bought the LS#3. But, we would charge a small fee ( available in the remainder fees section of https://www.123epayment.com for less than $10 ) if you bought the LS#1 or LS#2. Go to Top

Online e-course - How to Market Your Mobile Notary or Loan Signing Business.

Payment Methods
Online | By Phone | Check | Paypal

Please read about what loan signers make.

Most of the material in this quick course is part of our regular loan signing course. If you are already certified by NASA and don't want to buy our regular course, you may be interested in our marketing course. It contains information that is not covered in the NASA course. It is helpful to seasoned and inexperienced notaries alike. This course covers every effective way to market your mobile notary / loan signing business.

The course contains the following sections.

For yourself - Communications, Records, Efficient Scheduling. Marketing:
  • Sample pricing lists covering - Regular loan signings, signings with pick ups and drop offs, signings with laser printing, and much more.
  • How to get ahead by working for signing companies.
  • How to get hired by high paying title companies.
  • How to best advertise on the net.
  • Reviews of many internet notary directories.
  • Starting your own notary web site.
  • The most effective ways to advertise in the yellow pages.
  • Getting fast cash doing notaries for offices, homes, hospitals, and jails.
  • Wording for some commonly notarized documents like - permission to travel, affidavit of citizenship, copies of drivers licenses.

Notary competence in tricky circumstances:

  • Credible Witnesses
  • Power of Attorney Signings
  • Trustee Signings
  • Oaths
  • Situations Requiring Additional Acknowledgment Forms
  • Signing by X
  • List of Signing Companies.

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List of testimonials about our loan signing courses.

All of the information in the marketing course and loan signing course was right on the money. I only wish I had followed it verbatim from the day I received the course. That would have saved me months of experimentation and trial and error experience. Jeremy's course is the fast track to begin a loan signing career and getting your cash flow started now!!!
Robert Getter

Good Morning Jeremy
I wanted to drop you a little note just to let you know how wonderful your course is. You have presented things in a concise easy to follow format. It is very well written and gets straight to the basics. it gives you what you need to know, when you need to know it! I found the course so very helpful, much more so than the original loan signing course I took (from a different company). I am now because of your course, feeling much more confident in my abilities as a loan signer.. for this I truly thank you!! Keep up the good work. Again, I cannot express it enough, THANKS for everything!!!
Carmen (from Los Angeles, CA)

I was very impressed with the 123notary.com courses. They were condensed, informative, to the point, and full of extra tips and hints. I feel my money was very well spent, and I recommend the 123 notary courses 100%.
Linda Pritt

Please use me as a reference. I have gotten 75+ jobs and referrals from 123notary.com. I found the course to be very informative. I thought I knew everything until I completed the course.
Janya Carlson - Las Vegas, NV.

Hi Jeremy,
I joined 123notary.com about two weeks ago after talking to you on the phone. I'm a notary in western North Carolina. I got called today to do a signing and the lady said she got my name from you - THANKS!! I am really enjoying the course I bought from you; it has some great information. Have a great day.
Wanda Crawford.

Although I have been doing signings for several months I decided to take the most basic course through 123notary.com which is the 30 minute loan signing course to increase my knowledge of loan papers. Several weeks after I passed the test a signing company interviewed me over the phone to determine what I know about signing documents. This 30 minute loan signing course gave me the basic terms so I could answer the questions with confidence.
Jim Zilinsky

I found this course to be very helpful and very explanatory and if I had any questions, I could call 123notary.com for prompt answers.
Ralph Wedertz

I thought your book was very thorough, informative and accurate, and prepared me well for the certification test.
John Palfrey
Ormond Bend, FL

Note: The 30 minute course is still offered although it is not advertised online anymore due to limited space on the loan signing course page.


Testimonials about the signing company list.

Sorry that we don't have more referrals, we have not sold this list to that many people yet although sales of the list are better than ever this month because many people purchased the list in a combo.

I have found business in various ways, one being Jeremy's list of signing companies that I purchased from your site. That list was very helpful in getting started. You are more than welcome to use this testimonial if you like.
Jim Zilinsky


Testimonials about being certified by 123notary.com.

Hi Jeremy@123notary. Just a note to say that I have been pleased with the calls I have received from clients who saw my name on your site. I would be happy to answer questions from others. Please use me as a reference. I have been used by over a dozen who saw my name there. The certification I have from you is also helpful. Thanks again. Fred Kanakry. 401-331-0847. DBA Mobile Notary Service of RI. Fredkanakry@cox.net.

Please click here to return to the full course description.

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This material is in the full course but we are listing it again to emphasize it.

  • Sample price lists for every kind of notary and loan signing job including regular loan signings, signings with pick ups and drop offs, signings with laser printed docs, and much more.
  • How to get ahead by working for signing companies.
  • How to get hired by high paying title companies.
  • How to best advertise on the net.
  • Reviews of many internet notary directories.
  • Starting your own notary web site.
  • The most effective ways to advertise in the yellow pages.
  • Getting fast cash doing notaries for offices, homes, hospitals, and jails.
  • Wording for some commonly notarized documents like - permission to travel, affidavit of citizenship, copies of drivers licenses.

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What do loan signers make?

Commissioned vs. Certified. What do these words mean? Let me first clear up some semantics that causes confusion.
You become "Commissioned" as a notary public by your state. Being a commissioned notary is a government made distinction and office. Being "Commissioned" as a notary is mandatory to do any notary or loan signing work.
Being "Certified" as a loan signer is optional, and is not recognized by any state government. Certification is done through various notary web sites such as 123notary.com. 123notary.com Certification is a huge plus and is recognized by most (but not all) companies that use notaries.

To be a loan signer, you must first become a notary. Only your state government can give you a notary commission. You don't need to be certified as a loan signer, although you must be "Commissioned" (that is the correct term by the way) as a notary public. Being a certified loan signer is a big plus because it means that you have studied the subject and passed a test. Many of the notary web sites have their own certification process and it is upsetting to many notaries to have to be re-certified so many times.

Which certification is better?
If you are on 123notary.com, then the 123notary.com certification is the best. If you are on NASA, then their's is the best, etc. Get certified by whomever you advertise with. If you are on five sites, then it is wise to be certified by all five even though there is a cost. If you are serious about the business, these small fees and expenditures of your time will seem insignificant in the long run.

What do loan signers make?
Loan signers generally make between $50 and $150 per signing. Occasionally, people make $40 or $45, or above $150, but it is rare. The majority of signing companies pay $50 per signing. Many pay $60 and $75 too, but not as many as the ones who pay $50. Title, escrow, and lenders often have a more flexible budget to pay notaries. Many will pay a sliding scale, or $75 to $150.

How does the amount companies pay vary?
The amount companies pay depends on them and not so much on the notary. Some companies have a fixed amount they pay, and no amount of bargaining will change their point of view. Others bargain, and some only pay top dollar like $125 per signing or $150. To get top dollar from companies and keep them as clients, you should be one of the best service providers, otherwise, the top paying clients won't keep you for long or even use you in the first place. Most high paying jobs are gotten from internet advertising. There is a much greater supply of low paying jobs which can be gotten from the notary calling companies.

What can I expect to make as a beginner?
Beginners typically get mostly $50 jobs with some higher paying ones thrown in too.
A beginner can expect to make $3000 to $4000 the second, third month (if they are full time) while they are gaining experience and contacts. After that, if the notary is serious about the business, they can make $4000 and up. It will require a commitment of 6 days per week whenever the clients need they notary (night or day).

What do the top paid notaries do to get top pay?
Here is what the top paid notaries do to make good money. If a notary makes many stops in a day and is an efficient worker and scheduler, they can make $300 in a day. All it takes is 6 jobs. To get lots of jobs every day, a notary must be access able by phone all the time and be ready all the time to work. The more the notary says yes, the more people will want to use them (assuming the quality of the notary's work is good). You will need to always have your schedule with you and be ready to book appointments when you are driving, sleeping, swimming, etc. You have to always be ready to schedule things. It is unsafe to write when you are driving, so pull over to write down the appointment time.

Tip, when you are driving, bring a handheld tape recorder to take the borrower information so you don't have to pull over when you are in a hurry. When you arrive at your destination, you can replay the tape, and write down the information in your schedule book.

As with any other business, appointments get made, and broken all the time. You have to be a non-stop scheduling machine to make serious money in this business. Good schedulers can make $600 in a good day doing loan signing.

Another technique for getting high pay.
Another technique notaries use is to only work for higher pay. This allows them to take less jobs and still make good money. More experienced notaries can get away with charging more because they have a good client base. Sometimes higher pay will require them to go farther. This technique is good for people who want to do the minimum amount of scheduling and billing. The marketing course (which is sold separately AND as a chapter of all of the loan signing courses goes into detail about how to get top paying jobs.

What are the best ways to get business?
The best way to get business is to advertise heavily on internet notary directories like 123notary.com and other ones too. Another way to get business is to get a list(s) of signing companies and cold call them. Get on their databases, and pester them for work every so often. 123notary.com sells a list of 50+ signing companies that has helped many beginners to get a jump start to making around $4000 per month.

I hope this answers everybody's questions about how much notaries make.

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Teacher Evaluation of the Workbook. - Not sold separately.

This evaluation is very important. If you are doing your work wrong, I will catch you and teach you how to do it correctly. Many notaries do their journal entries completely wrong. You can lose your commission if you get caught by the authorities keeping your journal incorrectly or incompletely. Many notaries fill out acknowledgment forms in ways that can ruin a loan. I will catch your mistake before you ruin a real loan and lose a good client.

I will spend about 45 minutes writing point by point notes about whatever you did incorrectly. Notes will be typed and in a point by point style (numbered).

Here is an example:

1. The journal entry #2 is incorrect because it did not contain the correct name of the document (which is the deed of trust) and did not specify if it was an acknowledged signature or a Jurat

2. Journal entry #4 is missing a thumbprint which is required by CA law on all Deeds for real estate.

3. On practice #3, the initials should be ABC, not AC because the signer is signing with his middle initial included.

This evaluation will be done by correspondence through the mail (not by phone). Simply mail your completed work in to me and I will mail it back when I am done with my review of it. I usually only need two to three days before I send it back.

Completed evaluations will be sent by mail two or three days after I receive your completed workbook.

The evaluations are not sold separately. They are only available in combo #3.

If you have any questions, please call 888-838-1458.

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The 123notary.com loan signing & marketing hotline. - Not sold separately.

Many new loan signers have a lot of questions that they need answered right away. This hotline is designed to help those notaries out. Many times, notaries are left at problem signings at night when the lender doesn't answer their phone leaving them confused. I can help you out during these situations.

This hotline also includes:

  • 2 ten minute sessions with help marketing your service as a mobile notary / loan signer.
  • 8 ten minute calls of 10 minutes or less regarding loan signing technical questions.
  • This hotline is offered to you for one year of your purchase date of combo LS#3. (The hotline is only available to people who ordered combo LS#3.)
Due to my busy schedule, I may or may not be able to assist you at the exact time that you call (because I might be on the phone or at a signing), but, I will be able to help you the same day. You have a 50% chance of reaching me at a time that I am able to give you immediate assistance on any given call. I am easier to reach during the afternoons and evenings. The fee for this hotline covers you for a years membership to the hotline and up to 8 calls of up to ten minutes. Although I will most likely be happy to assist those who are on their 9th call, I only formally guarantee 8 calls.

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The hotline is not sold separately. It is only available in combo #3.

  • Special states If you live in GA, IL, MD, or VA there are special legal issues which will affect your career as a loan signer.

GA - In GA we don't recommend buying our loan signing course because there are some legal issues for non-attorneys who do loan signings.

IL, MD - In IL, MD you are required to get a producer's license to do loan signing. It's just one more thing ( and expense ) you have to do. Please be informed. We recommend that you first find out the requirements and costs of getting your producer's license before purchasing our course.
In MD, please contact the MD ins. admin - 410-468-2354 darnold@mdinsurance.state.md.us
In IL, please contact the dept. of financial institutions about getting an "Independent escrow EE." 312-814-2000 or 877-710-5331

VA - In VA certain title companies are requiring a CRESPA settlement agent license. Please contact the VA bar association, CRESPA dept. Contact Cynthia Williams.

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Quick reference guide / cheat sheet.

This guide is excellent for signings and you can use it to find where the most commonly asked pieces of information exist in the docs, how to handle power of attorney signings, incorrect names on documents and more. Print out a copy from the PDF in the appendix section and keep it in your notary bag as a reference.

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LS#3 Printable Version

The LS#3 printable e-course is our newest course. In the past, many students were wishing that their loan signing course could be printable, so we made a new version which is very easy to print. Simply purchase the course, login with your password, and click on the PRINT button and away you go. We will help you out if you have any technical difficulties. You only get two logins, so make sure you printout.

LS#3 Physical Version

If you would like to have an actual book, then get the physical version. You will receive a book via Fedex within four business days of your order, AND you will immediately receive the password for your online workbook. Please do NOT login to your workbook until you have received your Fedex and have read the text.

LS#3 e-course Version

This version is not printable. The e-course version is for people who like to read online. It is very useful for people who will be login in from a different computer each time they login. You can login from anywhere in the world with the e-course version. It is the most convenient of the three versions for those who like to read while online.

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