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Glossary of Notary Public, Mortgage, Signing Agent, and Loan Signing Terms.

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Phonetics: cer-ti-fy    \sur-tə-fī\

Function: verb

Infinitive: to certify

Present Tense: certified

Past Tense: certifies

Present Continuous: certifying

Past Perfect: certified

Definition 1:
To verify or attest to the correctness of a document or a fact.

Definition 2:
For a notary public to attest to the correctness and completeness of a document.

Definition 3:
For an agency to formally recognize the knowledge or capabilities of an individual or company. i.e. to certify a notary. If a state appoints a notary, they commission that notary, but they do not use the word certify in conjunction with appointing a new notary.

Definition 4:
Many companies engage in the act of certifying a notary public as a signing agent. There are no government standards for who can be a signing agent, or what a signing agent exam should cover. This is left completely up to the judgment and arbitrary opinions of whatever company or website offers such a certification. 123notary likes to certify notaries as signing agents if they can pass our grueling timed test. Notaries have to get through 15 questions in six and a half minutes. It is not easy, and many fail due to the extreme time pressure. The goal is to train notaries to think quickly and know the answers to basic questions. This way, if in front of a borrower, the notary will not have to pause for a long period of time when asked a routine and simple question.

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