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Posted - 04/03/2018 :  08:09:20 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I would never work for them again, I find them to be not very truthful and extremely rude. I was told to do a deed in lieu signing which I did on Monday, they received the docs on Tuesday and they were supposed to issue a check in 2 days. I sent an email today, 1 week later to ask if they issued the check and I could not get an answer an even though I did not want to talk to Ashlee Berry, she called me and was rude on the phone. I would NEVER do any work for them

Pam Boshears
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Posted - 03/19/2018 :  10:09:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I love working with Vantage Point. Documents are always in good shape, the folks there are professional, and they pay quickly.

/Penny Henritze
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Florida Girl

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Posted - 08/09/2017 :  04:00:22 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Are we talking about Vantage Point Title Company here? Are they located in Florida? If so - I have been to their office personally and worked with them many times. No one likes to pay more than the "going" rate, which is low but the secret is negotiation. I have worked with them for years. They are OK by me.

Linda Ann Frezza
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Posted - 03/27/2017 :  12:30:53 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have worked for Vantage Point a lot through Loan-Closers, and find them fine to work for. The only problem is the fee is low; starts at $60, and very difficult unless you speak to one of the schedulers to get more. They act like $70 is a big deal. I told one of the schedulers the other day that their competition is paying $120, and couldn't say anything.

Rebecca A Miles
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36 Posts

Posted - 10/16/2016 :  09:56:57 AM  Show Profile  Visit ohionotarial's Homepage  Reply with Quote
No problems at all with communication or fees. I received my fee. promptly.

Jay Schankman
740 804 1643
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7 Posts

Posted - 10/07/2016 :  06:10:05 AM  Show Profile  Visit StLLadyT's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Itís Friday, and I just got off the phone about 20 minutes ago with Vantage Point. They had called me on Wednesday for a signing on Thursday at 8 pm, which I accepted. I immediately called the borrower and left a message to confirm.

I received the documents Thursday afternoon, but because I had other commitments, I didn't get to the docs until about 5:30. Portia had sent the docs by e-mail in which she said that the docs were a QCD and the Deed of Trust with a "new signature page and acknowledgment". I looked through the Deed of Trust, which was a copy of the one filed in 2012, and found that there was nothing to sign, no new signature page, no acknowledgment. I e-mailed Portia. No response. Fifteen minutes later, I called her direct line and got her voicemail.

I immediately called VPís "800" number and spoke with someone from post-closing as no one else seemed to be available. After I explained the situation, he looked up the file and confirmed that there was no signature page in the docs I was sent. He spoke with his supervisor who said that I should attach an all-purpose acknowledgment. I explained that I couldn't do that, that there needed to be something for the borrowers to sign. He put me on hold again and spoke with another supervisor, and when he came back he said that they advised we should cancel the signing until the proper docs could be obtained. I asked if I should contact the borrower or if they would. He said that they would if I wanted them to, and I said yes, please.

In the meantime, I had already printed 2 copies of the QCD (3 pages) and the Deed of Trust file (63 pages).

About an hour later, I got an e-mail from Portia. She said, ďItís there.Ē Since I believed the issue to be closed for now, I didnít respond. This was a half hour before the scheduled closing time.

Today, the scheduler called me and asked what happened, the borrower said I didnít show or call. I explained the situation from last night and that the person I spoke to said he would call the borrower that we had to cancel. Portia then got on the line and started immediately speaking in harsh terms. ďI answered your e-mail last night and told you it was there, but you didnít respond!Ē I told her that was after we had decided to cancel, and the borrower would have been called already. I didnít say it to her, but I had thought with her short quip of an answer in the e-mail of ďitís thereĒ we would get nowhere since the signature page was clearly not in the docs I received.

She said the borrower texted her at 10:30 last night that no one had called him. She asked why I didnít call the borrower again to confirm before the appointment. I said that I typically will call a couple of hours before if I havenít heard back from them, but with all of this, I obviously couldnít do that, and I was told that Vantage Point would call to let him know we had to cancel. Again, it was obvious that they didnít do what they had promised to do.

She went on to say that I should have gone out to get the QCD signed, and I responded that I was told to cancel the signing. I would never go out with a partial set of documents to sign when I was told we would need to cancel the signing due to not having the right docs. She was very argumentative and even used foul language. I told her she didnít need to use curse words with me and that was very unprofessional. Another person was also in the room on her end, and he was either the person I spoke to last night, or his supervisor. I could hear him confirm some of what I said, but I couldnít hear everything, and she didnít relay any of it.

She then said the signature page was on page 24 of 26 pages. That rose a red flag. I said, ďWait a minute, did you say 26 pages? The docs I received was 63 pages!Ē It became obvious to me that she had sent me the wrong file. Did she admit that this was all her fault? Of course not! She said, ďOh, that was the (word I donít remember) file, you should have known that was the wrong file!Ē I said no, I had no way of knowing (it was a Deed of Trust, just an older, recorded one). She then said again that I should have gotten the QCD signed. I again said that I wouldnít go out with a partial set of docs if Iím told to cancel the signing.

She continued to berate and ďyellĒ at me and wouldnít let me say anything without interrupting. When I could get a word in, I told her that this was her fault and she was trying to blame me for her mistake, and that if she didnít want to work with me again, that was fine with me, and I hung up.
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16 Posts

Posted - 04/15/2013 :  2:30:55 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Did a signing for them on 3/22/13 and they sent payment on 4/4/13. Would gladly work for them again.
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7 Posts

Posted - 08/01/2012 :  7:58:07 PM  Show Profile  Visit MLooker's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I've done several signings with VP - Never had any issues. With the exception of once or twice, they always have docs quickly and pay on time.
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7 Posts

Posted - 04/10/2012 :  1:37:16 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I have always had a good relationship with Vantage Point. They payin less that 30 days.
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Posted - 04/04/2012 :  10:26:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've had a different experience Vantage. They took 45 days to pay $75 for what was a $100 job they agreed to. I worked for them once 8 months ago and they called today very rudely hanging up in my ear when I told them my fee would be $125 because they're a title company.

They called 3 hours prior to the loan signing time expecting to pay me $100.

Sincerely yours,

Notary's Life
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5 Posts

Posted - 03/18/2012 :  12:16:38 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I love this company. Very friendly and professional, and they pay on time.

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Posted - 03/07/2012 :  4:03:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've done several closings fo them. JB Nutter is very notary/labor intensive. LOTS of stamps. But the staff at VP is very nice, and they pay in a timely fashion.

Sad to hear Brenda is gone. She was very good.

P.E.G. Notary Services
A MINI Mobile Notary
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15 Posts

Posted - 02/24/2012 :  6:19:55 PM  Show Profile  Visit 10108's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I have worked for this company for 2 1/2 years and really like them. They pay very promtly - less than 30 days - but do require an invoice from you as well as closing out the signing online. There are many notarizations required in their packets, which I don't like as much. Brenda (who I usually always dealt with) is no longer there. I have not yet had much experience with the new gals.

Rebecca Ruben
Orange County CA
(714) 803-3200
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9 Posts

Posted - 02/09/2012 :  5:37:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I personally love this company. A few questions arose at the signing i did for them. They were very easy to contact and get questions answered promptly. I also did the signing on the 30th of january and was pain on feb 7th. And they met my fee. I would love doing as many signings as possible for them.

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6 Posts

Posted - 01/17/2012 :  1:24:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Vantage Point Title called me after receiving closing documents that I had notorized and sent back. They said that many pages were missing and I needed to make a second trip to get these docs signed. When I printed out the documents they re-sent me, the docs had a new last name for the spouse on them. When I called Vantage Point Title back, they explained that it was my problem and they were not paying me for the second trip. She was very rude as I tried to explain that the docs had a different name, I was told that she would call another Notary and I would not get paid for the first trip either. Well....NEVER AGAIN, I had to learn my lesson about Vantage Title the hard way. I have heard many, many complaints about them and believe me THEY ARE TRUE!!!

Penny C. Worley
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420 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2012 :  06:35:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Vantage Point has a huge list of instructions to the notary that, the way they are worded, are very rude and demeaning towards the notary.

They schedule well in advance (usually two weeks), and I had one that the borrower canceled the day of, then it got recheduled and the borrower canceled again (he was still shopping his loan) - both times I turned down other closings for those time slots because I was already booked with Vantage Point. When the third time rolled around I declined and told them that I could not afford to put this borrower back on my schedule for a third time due to past cancellations. Vantage Point seemed preturbed at that and they haven't called me since. To their credit, they did pay me a $25 print fee for the first cancellation where I had already printed docs, although it was not until after the file had finally closed which was 50 days later. Otherwise, they normally pay for a completed closing in about 2 weeks.
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New Mexico
11 Posts

Posted - 01/07/2012 :  06:26:30 AM  Show Profile  Visit FCN2008's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Vantage Point is excellent!!!! I love working with this company and they are fair with meeting your fee and pay on-time or before. You will always be able to reach someone if any issues come up at the table. IMO they are 5-star company!
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Posted - 01/04/2012 :  8:20:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit jbelmont's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Has anyone worked for Vantage Point before? And how do you find them or see them.. or at least how do you see them from YOUR vantage point?

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