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FAQ for Listings on 123notary.com

1Q. What is the difference between all of the listings on 123notary.com? Similarities - All listings on 123notary.com get a page on 123notary.com that looks identical interms of height, width, the type of information listed, etc. Each listing would have space for the notary's name, contact information, notes, other information, etc. All listings would show up in their "home area" which is generally a county or in parts of California a "subcounty" which is a part of a county. Differences - The more expensive listings generally get higher placement in their home area and more or higher placed additional areas. The search results on 123notary.com list listings in order of p#. Please click here to read the section on p#'s.

2Q. What does a listing on 123notary.com entitle me to? A listing on 123notary.com is good for one year, although we generally make the first year end the first day of the next month of the following year which could mean getting a few extra weeks at no extra charge. You can edit your listing yourself with your password whenever you like, however, please email us at http://www.123epayment.com/result.asp?cat=19 to change your: zip code, name, company name, count, or state, since those are fields that the notary can not edit themselves. There are also four responsibilities that you must fulfill to keep your listing online which you can click here to read about.

3Q. What are my three responsibilities for keeping my listing on 123notary.com? (1) Just keep at least one functional phone number on your listing. (2) Confirm your listing information every (120) days which takes about one and a half minutes (please read the policies page for details). (3) Please pay your renewal fee on time. (4) Please don't violate any of the policies on the policies page such as "referring loans to a competitor" or sabotaging a loan in any way.

4Q. Please explain how p#'s work? Every listing gets an n# and p#. N#'s are in sequential order based on when you signed up. Lower n#'s have seniority and show up higher than higher n#'s with the same type of listing and placement ( which is indicated with a p# ). There are different p#'s for different types of listings. The higher the p#, the higher you show up on search results. Free listings have a p# from 2-5, economy listings have a p#7, regular 8/9, preferential 10/11/12, and high place listings 13-20. Note - There can only be one of each p# from 13 to 20 per area. There can not be two p#19's in the same county page. However, there could be many p#10's on the same page.

5Q How do I update my listing? Each listing gets a password. You can change your password anytime by logging in and changing it. Certain fields are not editable by the notary, but you can email us at http://www.123epayment.com/result.asp?cat=19 and have us change the: name, company name, zip, county, or state field. To update, just visit your listing, click "update" at the bottom of the page, login with your password, and click the "continue" button at the bottom of the edit page after you have changed whatever you want to change. If you get an error message, please correct whatever is wrong, or ask us for help fixing whatever is wrong. Generally, if you get an error message, something is not formatted according to our standards or a word that needs to be capitalized is not capitalized. Its generally something very simple.

6Q How much business will I get? Generally, the higher placed listings get a higher quantity of business than the others. Higher listings also get a higher ratio of Title companies who generally pay more and pay faster than signing companies. 123notary.com tracks how many clicks listings get on an average day. The click average really varies from state to state, and listing to listing. Some states are fast during certain years, and then other states get more business in other years.

7Q Which type of listing is best for me? If you are trying to be a full time signer, then go for the highest listing you can afford. However, for part timers, you might consider a regular placement or preferential placement, unless a high position is within your budget. If you are toning down your business, but want to keep a presence online, then a regular placement makes sense. FYI - For renewing notaries, we have a less expensive economy option which is not available to new signups.

8Q Should I take a signing agent course? Yes. Take a signing agent course. 123notary.com offers many choices of courses on http://www.123notary.com/loansign.htm The LS#3 is the most popular and comes as an online ecourse that you can login to to read, a printable ecourse, and a physical book you can have shipped to your house. The LS#3 is very thorough and easy to understand. There are also other agencies who have loan signing courses that are highly reputed that you can read about on the internet. The loan signing world is ultra-competitive, and if you are not well schooled in the field, you don't stand a chance against the competition who did take a course and most likely has experience under their belt. Being certified is also a must.

9Q Should I get certified as a loan signer? Yes. If you advertise on 123notary.com, it is best ( optional, but highly recommended ) to be certified by 123notary.com , even if you are already certified by another agency. Listings on 123notary.com who are certified by 123notary.com get 78% more click volume than uncertified notaries in comparable positions on 123notary.com according to a study done by Jeremy Belmont in 2006. You will be losing out on a lot of business if you don't get certified. Getting certified is very inexpensive ( see http://www.123notary.com/cert.htm for pricing ) and only takes a few hours to complete the online course and quick ( but challenging ) online test.

10Q If I want to know more, should I call? Yes. We welcome you to email info@123notary.com to learn more, or call 888-838-1458 seven days a week for information. We are easier to reach during business hours, but often are available by phone and email in the evening and on weekends too.

11Q Does 123notary.com hire notaries? No. 123notary.com is only a directory. We try to help notaries get as much business as possible, but the business does not originate from us.