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Welcome to the 123notary.com list of new and newly reviewed listings for Virginia. If you want to find all notaries in a particular part of Virginia, or all notaries in the entire state, please go back to the our main page for Virginia. This page is only for finding new notaries that signed up with us, or notaries who have received reviews from browsers who have used their services recently.

New Virginia Notary Public Listings on 123notary.com

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Virginia Mobile Notaries Home State
DMV Traveling Notary & Apostille (12-17-2018)
Fairfax, VA
Phone: 202-468-2303
Laser printer Raymond Covington (12-10-2018)
Stony Creek, VA
Phone: 703-785-3861
Laser printer owl hour Donisha Cooper (12-10-2018)
Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 757-276-1323
Laser printer Ethelbert Johnson (12-10-2018)
Norfolk, VA
Phone: 757-214-7636
Sophia Terrell (12-10-2018)
Henrico, VA
Phone: 804-840-1125
Laser printer owl hour Kendall Allen (12-10-2018)
North Chesterfield, VA
Phone: 540-872-1665
No job too big or small....
Scholar Cardwell (12-10-2018)
Richmond, VA
Phone: 804-350-0745
Laser printer Garrett Ford (12-10-2018)
Richmond, VA
Phone: 804-380-5830
Laser printer Raymond Scruggs (12-10-2018)
Richmond, VA
Phone: 804-937-7034
Laser printer Barbara OGara (12-10-2018)
Fredericksburg, VA
Phone: 321-754-0981
Laser printer Barbara Shevchuk (12-10-2018)
Spotsylvania, VA
Phone: 540-220-0027
Last minute signings okay....
Laser printer Wallesia Coger (12-10-2018)
Ashburn, VA
Phone: 757-478-0041
Laser printer Karen Fowlkes (12-10-2018)
Montclair, VA
Phone: 571-331-9215
Laser printer Brandon Mantell (12-10-2018)
Grottoes, VA
Phone: 434-242-1995
Laser printer Victoria Sowers (12-09-2018)
Blacksburg, VA
Phone: 540-449-2892

Virginia Notary Public Listings that have received a recent review

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Virginia Mobile Notaries Home State
Tray printer Jessica McFadden (review: 0)
(Last review on 12-18-2018)
Fort Belvoir, VA
Phone: 864-546-0452
(-8) ONT temporary (-2) Sent email questions...
Tray printer owl hour A & S Mobile Notary and Signing Agents, LLC (review: 0)
(Last review on 12-18-2018)
Virginia Beach, VA
Phone: 803-522-9549
(-8) ONT Temporary (-2) Sent email questions...
Tray printer Linda James (review: 1)
(Last review on 12-17-2018)
Alexandria, VA
Phone: 703 346-0955
(ok) Dec 17 2018 login email...
Tray printer Roanoke Notary & Paralegal Services (review: 0)
(Last review on 12-17-2018)
Roanoke, VA
Phone: 540-204-2352
(ok) Login reminder email Dec 17 2018...
Tray printer Michael Fontaine (review: 0)
(Last review on 12-07-2018)
Annandale, VA
Phone: 571-382-0782
(-2) Dec 7 2018 evasive when I asked him if he was still in business. He said he was doing fine my f...
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