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Welcome to the 123notary.com list of new and newly reviewed listings for Texas. If you want to find all notaries in a particular part of Texas, or all notaries in the entire state, please go back to the our main page for Texas. This page is only for finding new notaries that signed up with us, or notaries who have received reviews from browsers who have used their services recently.

New Texas Notary Public Listings on 123notary.com

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Texas Mobile Notaries Home State
James Nickles (02-14-2018)
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-204-3991
Laser printer Elizabeth Haverfield (02-13-2018)
Euless, TX
Phone: 817-798-0908
Laser printer Marietta Grant (02-13-2018)
Forthworth, TX
Phone: 816-492-1563
Thank You f For Your Business...
Laser printer Fred Burmeister (02-03-2018)
Houston, TX
Phone: 713-962-3706
Laser printer Carmen Garcia-Leon (02-03-2018)
The Woodlands, TX
Phone: 904-304-5923
Laser printer Soufyan Hashmany (02-03-2018)
Sugarland, TX
Phone: 832-303-9634
Laser printer Christy Stephens (02-03-2018)
Missouri City, TX
Phone: 713-444-0725
Laser printer Yvette Powers (02-03-2018)
Grapevine, TX
Phone: 682-553-0553
Laser printer Ruth Ann Jordan (02-03-2018)
McKinney, TX
Phone: 817-966-3100
Laser printer Joseph Garcia (02-03-2018)
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-725-3348
Tray printer Guillermo Presburger (02-03-2018)
Dallas, TX
Phone: 214-545-2471
Laser printer Tina Neis (02-03-2018)
Blue Ridge, TX
Phone: 214-650-9221
Laser printer Maria Hardy Gardner (02-03-2018)
Red Oak, TX
Phone: 205-515-9495
Laser printer Michelle Scott (02-03-2018)
Fort Worth , TX
Phone: 817-458-6922
Stephanie Mills (02-03-2018)
Irving, TX
Phone: 972-652-0076

Texas Notary Public Listings that have received a recent review

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Texas Mobile Notaries Home State
Tray printer Allyson White (review: 0)
(Last review on 02-16-2018)
Whitehouse, TX
Phone: 903-530-0933
ONT -10 Temporary Score...
Laser printer Roxanna Alvarez (review: 0)
(Last review on 02-15-2018)
Selma, TX
Phone: 210-862-7699
ONT Deduct 9 GQ 58% (-6) Comm. Vague. Repeat x3. Clarify x2....
Tray printer Arturo Valdez (review: 0)
(Last review on 02-15-2018)
Edinburg, TX
Phone: 956-309-4991
ONT Deducgt 1 GQ 70% Comm. Repeat....
Tray printer Ernest Dale Hodge (review: 0)
(Last review on 02-14-2018)
Lubbock, TX
Phone: 806-441-4011
ONT Deduct 10 GQ 35% Comm. Repeat....
Laser printer Lacy Rushin (review: 0)
(Last review on 02-14-2018)
Frisco, TX
Phone: 469-980-1132
ONT Deduct 2 GQ 65% Comm. Repeat....
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