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New York Notary General Information

Notary Acknowledgment New York
Do you need a notary to help you get a New York Notary Acknowledgment, Jurat, or New York Notary Statement? Just look up a notary on the find a notary page by state. Any of the notaries on our site can help you with any type of notarizations. New York notary acknowledgments and New York notary jurats are some of the most basic notary procedures, so any notary will have no trouble helping you. Please be sure you know exactly what kind of notarization you need, because notaries are not allowed to give "legal advice" to signers
New York Notary Classes
If you are not yet a notary, please find New York Notary Classes information on the New York Department of State Notary Division's website to learn where you can study to become a notary in New York. Once you become a notary public, please consider purchasing one of our loan signing courses, so you can enter the lucrative profession of being a loan signing agent. It only takes two weeks of your spare time to learn to be a signing agent, and you can learn from the privacy of your own home with our take home courses. Questions? No problem, just email or call us, and we can answer any questions you have about the courses before or after your purchase.
Notary Wording: New York
Please visit our NY Acknowledgment and NY Jurat page to see what the official wording is for New York notary acts.  If a document is to be recorded within the state of New York, make sure that your notary uses the official state wording (New York notary wording or New York notary verbiage).

Q. Where can I get a state of New York Acknowledgment?
A.  Any notary in the state of New York can help you get this done.  Look one up on 123notary.com
Q.  Where can I get a New York notary handbook?
A.  Look this up on our New York notary commission application information page.
Q.  What are notary fees in New York State?
A.  Look this up on our New York Notary page.
Q.  Where can I find a notary who can do a translation in New York?
A.  It would be better to find a separate individual who can help you do a translation, then find a notary who can notarize the translation. Please make sure the signer speaks the same language as the notary.
Find a notary in New York.
123notary has hundreds of notaries throughout this state including: Albany, Bronx, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Manhattan, NYC, Queens, and Syracuse.
Can I become a dual commissioned notary in New Jersey or Connecticut?
A New Jersey resident who has a job or business in New York State can apply to become a New York Notary and vice versa. Please ask the Connecticut notary division if a New York resident can apply to become a notary in Connecticut.

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