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Become a New York Notary Public
Become a New York State Notary

You must be eighteen or more years of age.  You must either be a resident 
of New York, or be employed within, or have a business or office within 
New York State.  The term of office is four years. A New York State Notary 
may move out of state and remain a notary in New York providing they still 
have employment or a business in New York. You would be disqualified if 
you have been convicted of a felony, or have been convicted of other 
crimes including illegally using or carrying a pistol or other dangerous 
weapon, making or possessing burglar's instruments, vagrancy or 
prostitution, buying or receiving or criminally possessing stolen property, 
unlawful entry into a building, and there are various other crimes that 
will disqualify you listed on the New York department of state's website.

You must submit a New York notary application after taking an oath of 
office with any officer authorized to conduct oaths. There is a $60 
application fee.  The applicant must pass the New York notary exam and 
submit a "pass slip" with the application.   The Secretary of State will 
issue a commission to the applicant if they approve the application. An 
individual admitted to practice in NYS as an attorney, may be appointed a 
notary public without an examination. Out of state residents will be regarded 
as residents of the county that they are employed or have a business in.

Notaries may not give legal advice
The notary may not draft any kind of legal papers, such as wills, deeds, 
bills of sale, mortgages, contracts, leases, offers, options, incorporation 
papers, releases, mechanics liens, power of attorney, complaints and all 
legal pleadings, papers in summary proceedings to evict a tenant, or in 
bankruptcy, affidavits, or any papers which courts consider to be legal 
documents or papers.
Dual state commission information
It is common for a New Jersey Notary or New Jersey resident to also be a New York 
State Notary. If you are employed or run a business or office in New York, you 
are eligible to apply for a New York notary commission.
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