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Massachusetts Notary Fees, Application, and Commission Information

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Massachusetts Notary Fees
There is no published fee schedule.

Become a Massachusetts notary public
You can obtain a Massachusetts notary application from the Governor of Massachusetts Website. Notaries 
must have a Massachusetts notary seal that has the notary public's name, the words, "notary public", 
and "Commonwealth of Massachusetts", or "Massachusetts", and the words, "My commission expires on", or 
"commission expires", or "my commission expires" and the expiration date.   Non-attorney notaries are 
required to keep a journal which should be bound and sequential, meaning that the entries should be in 
a particular order with numbered pages, etc.   Real estate closings involve what is considered practicing 
law, therefore, non-attorney notaries are not authorized to do real estate closings.   Notaries hold office 
for seven years unless removed by the governor with consent from the governor's council.  A Massachusetts 
notary commission is renewable for a person who has moved outside the state if he or she continues to work 
or conduct business in the Commonwealth.  The Massachusetts notary commission can only be used within the 
boundaries of the state of Massachusetts. 
Other information
If a notary is given a document that lacks a date, the notary should write in the document date. A notary 
must not notarize a document in which he or she is named or has a beneficial interest in.  A photocopy or 
fax can be notarized only if it has a fresh signature.  A notary should not notarize a will unless clear 
instructions are given to do so by an attorney.  Notaries may use blue or black ink. Notaries must furnish 
copies of journal entries upon request. A Massachusetts notary public should not notarize for a sibling, 
spouse, parent, children, or those mentioned who are in-laws, or step-relatives, or half-siblings.