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Become an Arizona notary public
Residency requirements            
You need to be an AZ resident to become an AZ notary public. However, you do not
need to be a U.S. Citizen.  You have to claim your AZ residence as your primary
residence on your state and federal tax returns to qualify to be an AZ
notary public. If your primary residence is in Arizona, you will be considered
an Arizona resident for the purposes of becoming an Arizona notary.

Arizona notary commission procedures and information
You need to read the Arizona notary reference manual. You need to complete the
Arizona notary application. Please find an application on the Arizona notary
division's website.  It is also manditory to purchase a 4-year $5,000 notary
bond in duplicate form from an insurance agent. The notary public bond is purchased in
duplicate form so that the notary will have the first original for their records and
the second "original" will be for the Secretary of State's records.  A check or
money order for $43.00 made payable to the Secretary of State must be submitted.
There is a $25.00 Application fee and a $18.00 notary public bond filing fee which
totals $43.00 for the complete filing fee. Please mail the above documents and check
or money order to the Secretary of State at the address indicated on the application
form. Applicants who have a felony conviction may or may not be denied an Arizona 
notary commission.
It can take four to six weeks for the whole application and commissioning process
to be completed from beginning to finish.  The process of renewing a commission is the
same as getting a new commission. It is optional, but advisable to get Errors and
Omissions insurance.  All Arizona notaries must purchase a notary seal and journal.
The term of office for Arizona notaries public is four years. 

Where can I get an Arizona notary handbook?
Please contact http://www.123notary.com/statecontact.asp to contact the state notary 
division who can help you get an Arizona notary handbook.
How do I get an Arizona notary application?
Once again, please contact the state notary division.
How do I take the Arizona notary examination?
There is no Arizona notary examination. Please contact the state notary division for more information
Where do I get an Arizona notary bond, Arizona notary stamp, or Arizona notary seal?
Please contact the National Notary Association for all of your notary supply needs.
What is the best school for taking an Arizona notary class?
Please contact the NNA for information about notary classes.

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